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District Leaders of Diversity Council (DLDC)

The District Leaders of Diversity Council (DLDC) is a district-wide diversity council that includes representatives from various departments/campuses at PCC.  The Council's purpose is to serve as advocates/allies, raise awareness of diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) issues, design and implement new DEI initiatives for PCC in partnership with other PCC stakeholders. The foundation of the DLDC's work is shaped through the theory of Social Justice. The DLDC uses Critical Race Theory to analyze our own practices and advocate for its use as a lens for analysis in our learning/working environments.  

DLDC Subcommittees

  • LITE (Listening Intervention Team): This committee will design a structure for supportive resource space for the PCC community to be heard in one-on-one conversations with trained LITE members about challenging cross-cultural interactions experienced at PCC.
  • Professional Development: This committee will focus on PCC faculty/staff professional development, recruitment/retention, onboarding and career mapping as it pertains to DEI.
  • Instructional: This committee will focus on academic collaboration across-college specific to DEI. Opportunities to impact instructional, pedagogical practice through culturally responsive teaching and critical race theory.
  • Performance Management/Assessment/ Cultural Competency: This committee will initially focus on creating diversity/inclusion accountability via performance management for faculty/staff.
  • Marketing/Communications: This committee will establish the DLDC web presence and updates (in partnership with PCC marketing) and design the framework for the DLDC funding structure for D&I proposals. They will also address any District level D&I branding issues, awareness campaigns i.e. D&I vs. EEO etc.
  • Diversity Practitioners/D&I Recognition: This committee will compile and determine ways to celebrate the talents of current PCC faculty/staff and it will work on the design and awards of the annual D&I recognition ceremony.
  • Data Trend & Analysis Subcommittee: This committee will review/identify D&I college-wide data/trends that have surfaced at PCC and bring them to the DLDC for input. They will use Assessment and Data to identify gaps in policy.
  • Policy Review/Analysis & Scorecard Subcommittee: (This committee will also begin the CRT SWOT analysis of PCC’s policies/practices) Review Board and Cabinet contemplated actions, proposed practices, behaviors, conduct CRT analysis. Bring issues to the larger DLDC for awareness and advocacy.
  • Undocumented Students Subcommittee: Review state/federal policies that have impact on students at PCC to raise awareness and aid in educating the PCC community. This committee will also focus on retention programming that is relevant to PCC student success.