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Campus Climate Assessment

2018 Assessment

Portland Community College with the objective to assess student and faculty/staff organizational climate satisfaction developed a plan in 2018 that consisted of emerging focus groups and in the analysis of an online climate survey.

2015 Assessment

In the summer and fall terms of 2015, Portland Community College participated in its first-ever comprehensive climate survey. The College contracted with the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for the Study of Race & Equity in Education to conduct the survey.

Students, faculty and staff from PCC were invited to participate, in order for the College to learn about the lived experience of those learning and working here related to:

  • diversity and inclusion;
  • the College’s competency in addressing matters of harassment and discrimination;
  • ways in which faculty and staff respond to changing demographics;
  • the extent to which the College is committed and responsive to matters of diversity and inclusion; and
  • perceptions regarding the current campus climate as one supportive of equality and equitable outcomes for all students.

Survey results have provided baseline data that will inform our programs, teaching and learning opportunities, curriculum, College initiatives and more.