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Preferred Future Task Force


Preferred Future is a presidentially appointed task force, formed in November 2016, that assists in the creation, coordination, and communication of projects, initiatives, and resources related to equitable student success and the galvanizing of community. The work of the Preferred Future Task Force (PFTF) is organized around resources and information regarding culturally and socially responsive pedagogy, services and resources for students and student support, community-building and civic engagement, and equity and inclusion efforts.


Comprised of faculty, staff, and student leaders, the Preferred Future Task Force is broadly representative and specifically positioned to be both responsive and strategically proactive. Campus presidents, members from Faculty/AP and Classified Federations, the Education Advisory Council, the Office of the President, the Office of Equity and Inclusion, Advancement, Academic and Student Affairs, Deans of Instruction and Deans of Students, and 3-4 student leaders comprise the task force.


Information regarding the activities and initiatives coordinated under the auspices of the PFTF will be posted on this page.