Staff Directory Search Instructions


To search by specific criteria such as a person's last name, job title, etc:

  1. Click on the text entry box with the left mouse button. A flashing cursor will then appear in the box.
  2. At the flashing cursor, type your search criteria. The following tips may be helpful:
    • The search is not case sensitive, so do not concern yourself with capitalizing names, job titles, etc.
    • To search based on a part of a word or number, use the % as a wildcard.
    • Use spaces to separate the criteria to be used for your search.
  3. When you have finished entering your search criteria, submit your query to search the available data by pressing the Enter key.
  4. In the event that your query returns no matching records, try making your query more generic by using wildcards (%), in one or more fields. You might also try specifying fewer search criteria.

Search for the name "Marge Simpson":We used upper and lowercase letters in this example. Recall that the search is not case sensitive, so we could have used all uppercase or lowercase letters.

Searching with Wildcards

You can use a wildcard within a search query to indicate zero or more of any letter.

Search for "Marge Simpson," but we do not know how to spell her name: This query will return information for individuals whose last name begins with "sim" as long as the first name also begins with an "m".

Search for everyone in the "Information Services" department:This query will return information for everyone whose department name starts with the characters "Info," followed by anything (or nothing), followed by the characters "Serv," followed by anything (or nothing).

Searching for Phone Numbers

You can search for a person's information if you know part or all of their phone number.

Phone Parts
  • The prefix and suffix are separated by a "-"
  • The suffix and extension are separated by an "x".
  • When querying by phone number, include "-" and "x" in their appropriate positions.

Search for a phone number with the extension 4400: When searching by extension, use a "%x" as in this example. Specifying the query as %4400 would also work, but may also return information for a phone number like 685-4400x1298.

Search for the phone number 971-722-4400: The "-" is required when searching by a combined prefix and suffix. Had we submitted "9774400", without a "-", the query would return no matching results.

Note: This directory is not to be used for commercial or political solicitation of college employees by mail, email or telephone.