PCC and the Workforce

Training the Portland area's workforce for a stronger economy

Students in an electronics class

Students learn relevant, marketable skills, making them qualified job candidates and keeping the economy vital.

PCC trains for the careers that sustain our economy. By maintaining strong partnerships with local and regional employers, PCC keeps its curriculum relevant and targeted to the current market. Many local business and industry partners provide opportunities for internships that give students critical hands-on experience, and as many as 80 percent of students stay and contribute to the regional economy initially after they leave the college.

How it Works

Rigorous standards.
PCC-trained students are known for their skill level upon graduation. In 2007, 92 percent of PCC students who took national licensing and certification exams earned a passing score.
Responding to regional needs.
PCC has the flexibility to meet the workforce needs of our region. For example, to address a lack of qualified welders, PCC and Vigor Industrial joined forces to open a training center in the industrial heart of Portland.
In-demand training.
According to the Oregon Employment Department, more than 90 percent of Oregon's high-demand, high-wage job openings will require higher education if applicants want to be competitive. More than 60 percent of the nation's new registered nurses and the majority of allied health professionals train at community colleges.
Business and industry partnerships.
PCC works with local businesses and industries to make sure they have the workforce they need. Companies like SolarWorld, Genentech, Northwest Caterpillar dealerships, Intel and many others have all worked with PCC to create curriculum to ensure students are prepared for available jobs.
Industry-trained faculty.
PCC students learn from faculty members who have years of hands-on field experience.
New programs in emerging fields.
PCC quickly responds to growing demand for training in fields like multimedia and sustainability. Renewable energy systems training was developed within the electronic engineering technology program to address the emerging market.
Wide range of career fields.
With more than 80 areas of study that result in career and technical certification or an associate's degree, PCC offers a direct link to great jobs for individuals while building a skilled workforce for our community.
Community value.
In a 2009 survey of Portland metro area residents, eight out of 10 people describe PCC as the place to provide students with skills to compete in today's economy.