Possibilities and PCC

Preparing students for four-year colleges and universities

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The PCC experience: small class sizes, a faculty focused on teaching, and industry-recognized programs.

PCC is the number one gateway to higher education in our region. PCC students continue on to earn four-year degrees at schools from Portland State University to Princeton University. In fact, research shows that, academically, PCC students go on to perform as well or better than those who start at a four-year institution. Attending PCC is an affordable, high-quality way to complete the first two years of a bachelor’s degree.

How it Works

Focus on teaching.
Many PCC instructors have PhDs and other advanced training, but they also have the freedom to focus on the classroom rather than on publishing and research. The average student-teacher ratio in credit classes is 19:1, so students get plenty of opportunities to interact with faculty members.
PCC's tuition is about half the cost of a four-year university and one-tenth the cost of a private school.
No matter what students decide to major in, they can take classes in everything from accounting and biology to theater and dance.
Easy transfer.
PCC credits are readily accepted out-of-state, even at America's most prestigious colleges and universities. Oregon Transfer Degrees meet freshman and sophomore general education requirements at Oregon University System schools.
Student support.
From career counselors to tutoring services to writing centers, PCC offers the kind of support students need to succeed.
Early start.
The PCC dual credit program lets high school students earn college credit while taking classes at their high school. In 2006-07, high school students earned 15,000 college credits through PCC's dual credit program, saving an average of $433 in tuition and fees per student.
International education.
PCC students study abroad in Italy, Spain, France, Costa Rica and Mexico and earn college credits. About 650 International students from 70 countries come to PCC to study every year, creating a rich, multicultural atmosphere for learning.
Online Learning.
Online and television courses give students even more opportunities to create a schedule that works for them. The majority of PCC graduates complete at least one Online Learning class.
Dual enrollment.
Each year, about 1,870 students take part in the dual enrollment program, which allows them to simultaneously enroll at PCC and a local university. This arrangement gives students the opportunity to take advantage of classes, services and expertise at each school, greatly expanding their resources and options.