Opportunity and the PCC Foundation

Making opportunity happen for PCC students and the community

Student in cap and gown clapping at her graduation

Without assistance, many students cannot afford the benefits of a higher education.

The PCC Foundation’s vision is to ensure that every student who wants to go to college can attend PCC regardless of their ability to pay. In addition to awarding hundreds of scholarships, the foundation also provides thousands of dollars in program support, enabling students to learn with the latest technology and up-to-date curriculum.

How it Works

Inspiring vision.
The PCC Foundation is working to ensure that any student can receive a PCC education without regard to cost, and to support PCC as the foremost post-secondary educational institution in the state.
Volunteer board members.
Led by a volunteer board of directors, who represent a wide range of business and community interests, the Foundation mobilizes private support for student scholarships and education programs.
Dedicated donors.
Foundations, community friends, alumni, corporate partners, faculty, staff and retirees contribute to the PCC Foundation with grants, cash gifts, bequests, in-kind donations, faculty and staff contributions, fundraising events and corporate sponsorships. Every gift supports the dreams of students who will become our community's nurses, teachers, social workers, firefighters and more.
Immediate impact.
Gifts made to the PCC Foundation have a direct and powerful impact. Each year, they allow the Foundation to award hundreds of scholarships and hundreds of thousands of dollars in program support. A gift of $1,000 covers the cost of tuition for one student for one term, and $2,500 provides faculty with the resources they need to update curriculum.
High demand.
More than a third of full-time, degree-seeking PCC students need financial assistance with tuition. Due to a lack of funding, the Foundation is not able to award scholarships to hundreds of qualified applicants every year. In 2008-09, the total number of applicants for scholarships significantly increased due to students' financial circumstances.
Preparing for the future.
The PCC Foundation seeks to address the current and growing need for financial support. With added contributions of $500,000 per year, the PCC Foundation could award 200 more scholarships and provide an additional $250,000 in educational support annually.