Access for All at PCC

Making education available for every kind of student

Three different PCC students

PCC recruits and retains a diverse student population.

Access. It's perhaps the single best word to sum up the character and commitment of PCC. We believe in providing access to an affordable, quality education in an atmosphere that encourages the full realization of each individual's potential – no matter their age, ethnicity, location, level of education or financial status.

How it Works

Affordable tuition.
The fees and tuition for a year of classes at PCC are about half of what they are at an Oregon public university. PCC provides an excellent education for an affordable tuition.
Commitment to diversity.
PCC's commitment to diversity and accessibility initiatives earned the school the 2007 National Equity Award. With its varied student demographic, PCC is the most diverse institution of higher education in the state with 26 percent students of color.
Outreach programs.
PCC offers programs specifically designed to serve the unique needs of underrepresented students in higher education. For example, the Portland Teachers Program trains students of color for careers in K-12 education. Educational Talent Search, Middle College and Upward Bound provide high school completion and college preparation for students from low-income families or first-generation college students.
College preparation.
PCC helped more than 22,000 individuals with pre-college reading, writing, math or English language instruction in 2007-08. Dual credit programs allow more than 2,000 high school students each year to complete college-level courses.
Flexible locations and schedules.
PCC provides a variety of locations and the largest selection of online learning opportunities in the region. Students with jobs, children and other responsibilities can create schedules that work for them. In fall 2008, 25 percent of credit students enrolled in at least one Online Learning class.
Strong student services.
At PCC, students don’t get lost in the shuffle. Career counselors, financial aid advisors and faculty members are easy to find. Resources like Disability Services and Multicultural Centers help students develop the right support networks.
Financial support.
Thirty-seven percent of full-time, first-time, degree-seeking students receive some form of financial assistance to help pay for tuition. PCC’s popular Financial Aid Day guides students through the application process for federal financial aid and the Oregon Opportunity Grant.