Women's Basketball Coach

Tony EricksonTony Erickson
Head Coach
Coach Erickson brings to PCC both playing an coaching experience. Before deciding to coach the game he loves, Tony played college basketball and a variety of Professional levels after college. He has been coaching for over 17yrs, as part of one of the nations top women's AAU program for 15yrs, owning a very successful AAU boys program for the past 7 years, and coached at Central Catholic High School in Portland OR early in his coaching career. Coach Tony has coach many girls that have gone on to play Division 1, USA national Team, and the WNBA. He loves the game of basketball, teaching and motivating his players. To him, there is nothing better than the sense of fulfillment after seeing hard work find success in a won game. Coach Tony is a players coach with a style that is fast paced, fun to play, and exciting to watch.
Will HillWill Hill
Assistant coach