PCC Strategic Plan

Think Accountable: Achieve Sustainable Excellence in All Operations

PCC leads the community in sustainable innovation, efficiency, transparency, and excellence in all of its operations. PCC’s strategic, data-informed approach and open communications streamline management and operations to achieve academic excellence and provide student services in a financially and environmentally sustainable manner.


PCC serves students and the community best with transparent communication, consistency, agility and responsiveness in the provision of education and services, and by taking a long-term view in the use of its resources. Sustainable practices at every level of the institution will result in a consistently high level of service to students and the community, regardless of budget fluctuations. Aligning PCC’s financial resources with its strategic priorities is essential for sustainability and will require investments in professional development, technology, ecologically smart operations, and data-informed decision making.

Student standing in the Rock Creek garden

Strategic Intentions

  • 6-1 PCC is a learning organization, investing in its employees and organizational systems and structures to build a culture of excellence that fosters innovation, leadership, responsiveness, efficiency, transparency and accountability at all levels.
  • 6-2 PCC ensures the sustainability of its infrastructure and maximizes the efficiency of its operations through innovative management of energy, waste, land use, purchases and consumables in alignment with PCC’s sustainability objectives.
  • 6-3 PCC builds strategic partnerships, cultivates entrepreneurial opportunities, and develops strong, diversified revenue streams to provide optimal resources to support the mission of the college. PCC provides stewardship of its resources to ensure financial and environmental sustainability through proactive planning, data-informed decision making, application of best practices, and strategic investments.
  • 6-4 PCC provides a technological foundation and rapid integration of technology improvements that are responsive to the future, enhance the educational experience, automate and modernize business processes, and support operations through data-informed decision making.
  • 6-5 PCC promotes the good health and well-being of its students, faculty, staff and guests.
  • 6-6 In promoting a culture of environmental literacy, PCC engages the community to be advocates for environmental issues both on- and off-campus.
Sustainability diagram comparing social, economic and environmental factors

A Living Example

Transforming Lives Through Bond Investment
New buildings at Southeast Campus

When voters passed the $374 million PCC bond measure in 2008, it represented the largest successful educational bond in Oregon’s history. The fact that it passed in tandem with one of the worst economic crises in U.S. history demonstrates Oregon’s commitment to improving access to educational opportunities – especially when times are tough.

With the bond almost fully implemented, renovation and construction projects under way or completed in Yamhill, Washington, Columbia and Multnomah Counties include a new trades center on Swan Island and the addition of a comprehensive Southeast Campus to provide educational opportunities to the residents of one of Portland’s most dynamic and diverse neighborhoods.

As stewards of public resources, PCC embraces environmental responsibility. Every new building or addition constructed with bond dollars is on track to earn a Silver or higher LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating from the U.S. Green Building Council, recognizing the integration of highly sustainable products and practices.

For Rick Willebrand, a PCC instructor at the new Swan Island Trades Center, the building boom means 20,000 square feet of additional classroom space equipped with computers connected with the HVAC lab. Now his students can learn on real equipment – not trainers.

"Our facilities are state-of-the-art," said Willebrand. "Now we have the space and tools we need to offer the best possible training program to tomorrow’s technical experts."

What We're Doing

Here's a few recent examples of how we're putting our strategic intentions to work!

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