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Office of the President – Work with the President's Office

Staff roles and responsibilities

Jeannie Moton
Executive Coordinator to the President
Jeannie coordinates the President's Office workflow including calendar and meeting management, calendars, correspondence and communication, travel planning, and office records. She also manages and coordinates meetings for the PCC Board of Directors.
Dr. Traci Fordham
Program Administrator
Dr. Fordham manages activities for various boards, councils, commissions, special projects, and public relations for the president. She also oversees communication on behalf of the Office of the President.
Sylvia Kelley
Executive Vice President
Sylvia has the authority to act on behalf of the president in his absence, as well as executive responsibilities for human resources, legal affairs, marketing/communications, development and foundation, planning and capital construction, grants, and strategic planning.

Invitations to President Mitsui

To invite PCC President Mark Mitsui to attend your activity or event, please submit this form no later than three weeks in advance of your event. You will receive a response within two weeks of your request. Additional information may be requested, especially if a speaking role is desired.