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Kudos for Colleagues

Portland Community College is a wonderful place in which to work! One of the reasons for this is our connection to one another; we understand that relationships are central to our success. We believe in collaboration and work hard, together, on behalf of the students and communities we serve.

"Kudos for Colleagues" recognizes the ways in which our colleagues help us to do our own jobs, better. It is a big, PCC "Thank you and well done!" to a person, department, or program that has helped us go farther, together.

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Kudos to the following colleagues


  • Bernie Trujillo shoveled snow to get the Sylvania campus ready to open. And thanks to Bernie for working overtime to cover cleaning for extra activities at Sylvania campus!
  • Thanks to Brandon Lampton for working overtime to provide clean up for the many activities that happen at PCC Sylvania campus, including shoveling snow to get Sylvania campus ready to open.
  • Derrick Foxworth, despite a demanding, high stress role for the college, remains calm under fire and thoughtfully updates his constituents with information related to a given crisis; processes situations holistically; respectfully engages with clients as he collects facts related to crisis situations. We are grateful for his leadership!
  • Ava Stevens has organized a tremendous career networking event for students that gets better every time. She is PCC all the way!
  • Ryan Aiello juggles a demanding, high profile job at the college, while going full time for his doctorate...and somehow finds the time to reach out to colleagues to check on them, to see how they’re doing, to thank them for their dedication to the college, etc. We’re lucky to have Ryan as a leader on the PCC team!
  • Thanks to Lisa Howe for shoveling snow to get the Newberg center ready for opening!
  • Thanks to Jarret Lampert for shoveling snow to get Sylvania campus ready to open!
  • Thanks to Krissy Hedges for shoveling snow to get Sylvania campus ready to open!
  • Thanks to Samantha Docken for shoveling snow to get Sylvania campus ready for opening!
  • Thanks to Monty Docken for shoveling snow to get Sylvania campus ready to open!
  • Thanks to Gloria Lopez for shoveling snow to get campus ready to open!
  • Thanks to Bill Lohner who came in early to shovel snow and get the school open!
  • Thanks to Veronica Mandjerano for coming in early to shovel snow and get the campus ready to open!
  • Thanks to Edgar Tjaden for his service at Sylvania and want to wish him all the best moving to Southeast!
  • Thanks to Malou Ensing who does much of the set up at Sylvania and works quite a bit of overtime to cover the activities on the Sylvania campus.
  • Thanks to Maria Gonzales who works overtime to cover the many extra activities that happen at the Sylvania campus.
  • Karen Sanders provided excellent support of faculty, staff and programs in her first year in this division.
  • Christina Kline courageously and successfully launched PCC's Big Giving Day expanding awareness of philanthropy to thousands of alums and friends and proving giving a little adds up to giving a lot!
  • Traci Simmons is a tireless champion for all students and for changing our systems to ensure that all students are successful. She has been incredible stepping right into the interim DOS role at Cascade and I feel super lucky to be on the Cascade team with her.
  • Christina Kline concepted, built, drove, and executed an incredible day of giving for PCC – Big Give Day!
  • Heather Guevara led the online learning team in the planning and execution of the Online Faculty Summit on May 3 at Cascade.
  • Jason Pinkal’s leadership in overseeing the implementation of the Advising Redesign Initiative.
  • Debbi Lomax has stepped up to the plate this year providing service above and beyond her "normal" work.
  • Eileen England has been instrumental in the success of STEP – both at PCC and statewide.
  • Nickie Blasdell working with affected employees and the Standard Stay at Work Program has provided ergonomic consultation and obtained equipment for the employees saving PCC $33,600 in FY 18-19.
  • On a day she was out ill, and near the 11th hour, Juanita Lognion helped resolve a contract insurance issue with the vendor to ensure video equipment would be ready for PCC commencement.
  • Luis Menchu and his team (Keith and Ali) have been super helpful and responsive to the Hybrid Workgroup over the last year. Thanks for all the great work.
  • Bill Welty has helped me several times when I have needed help. Bill has a can do attitude that is appreciated!
  • Sarah Tillery has been very supportive and has made herself readily available to me, Laura Horani, as a new dean. I appreciate her thoughtful responses to my questions, gentle guidance, mentoring, and the amount of contact we have. I wanted to recognize her pure awesomeness! Thank you for all you do, Sarah!
  • I would like to recognize and extend deep appreciation for the extraordinary efforts of the Procurement/Contracts and Risk Services teams to support the (last minute) needs of Student and Academic Affairs in support of our contract needs for summer inservice events. Your responsiveness was amazing! Thank you Kim Copley, Sandra Barrientos, Mike Matthews, Sabrina Bonser, Rob Gabris, and Nickie Blasdell.
  • Kelly Schwartz has been super patient with me, Laura Horani, as I learn the dean role. She guided me through my first employee meeting with the Federation. I just wanted to say that I appreciate her so much, and I wanted to recognize her for her hard work.
  • Sunnie Ochoa took the initiative and began working on all of the details for the merger of divisions at Rock Creek. She really took charge of these moves and reorganizations of the divisions.
  • Alejandra Molina has provided a steady, positive, and professional attitude in all of her interactions with faculty, staff, and students. She is often the first person in the President’s Office to greet people and she always does so with a smile. Recently, she has provided the Dean of Student Affairs, Ryan Aiello, outstanding support in coordinating six different searches for positions (some simultaneously) without a hitch. Great job Alejandra!
  • Traci Simmons worked tirelessly to help make my transition as the new Director of Athletics at PCC smooth and easy.
  • Leslie Mestman is leading our department through a complicated transition and she is doing it with integrity, transparency, compassion, and good cheer.
  • Jose Esparza has been exemplary in his dedication to serving the community and students in Washington Country, and especially Forest Grove, Cornelius, and Hillsboro. He is focused and determined to provide low-income marginalized communities access to and support at the Hillsboro Center. As a result of his positive and intrusive approach, he utilizes his bilingual skills to provide Latinx students opportunities to see themselves as college students who will achieve their educational goals.


  • Kimberley Baker-Flowers for her work on the trans-related Task Force to address policy and all-user restrooms.
  • Mandy Ellertson for managing the Student Activity emergency loans.
  • Mona Smith and Tia Chiappe for implementing the Presidential Executive Internship.
  • Thanks to SE AV, FMS, Public Safety and Transportation teams for all their hard work on the campus.
  • Cheryl Belt for all of her leadership on the contracts negotiation.
  • DOI’s and Division Deans for the first annual online planning guide for students.
  • Thank you Becky Olson and congratulations on your new position – we will miss you!
  • To our Campus Presidents for establishing their President Councils.
  • Nickie Blasdell for completing her certificate of Risk Management.
  • Abdul Majidi, Charles Clay, Ken Dodge, Danene Dwyer, Justina Williamson, James Maclise, and Eddie Lincoln for their work with Community Workforce Development Program.
  • Advancement for putting together 2550 welcome bags for new students.
  • President Mitsui for being a Worksource college partner and speaking at multiple events on behalf of Workforce.
  • Sylvia Kelley for supporting their Metro Workforce Center and Jackie Sandquist for on-going support, (even while riding your bike!).
  • Thanks to Kurt Simonds for CTE Grant.
  • Abe Proctor for organizing the first ever farmer’s market at Cascade.
  • Keri McCarty for keeping the budget information updated and for your hands-on upbeat attitude and approach and calm presence.
  • Alisa Hampton for her commitment to diversity and creating inclusive recruitment practices.
  • Linda Blanchette for her persistence and hard work in launching Lynda.com.
  • Kate Kinder for doing a phenomenal job leading PCC and the Oregon Community College with the SNAP 50/50 initiative to better serve food stamp recipients.
  • Chabre Vickers for her commitment to students and staff. For her love of the communities she serves. For her unwavering support to PCC.
  • Darilis McMillian for the great job leading the District Student Services Retreat. Thank you so much!
  • Daniel Soucy for taking our marketing-creative to the next level. You’ll be an amazing full-time faculty member. Thank you for your leadership and passion for our Native American students as well.
  • Alex Baldino for being a voice and persistent advocate for equity at PCC. All of your heart, time and relentless dedication is appreciated.
  • Jeannie Moton for graciously providing orientation and tour of the college for a new executive assistant
  • Janis Nichols for organizing PCC Night at the Hops, a booth at Wings and Wheels, and representing PCC at Black Tie and Blue Jeans. Greatly appreciated!
  • Jacqueline Ehlis for having a yearlong art exhibit at Russo Lee Gallery.
  • Linda Degman for her long-term dedication to ensuring that high standards of professionalism have been integral to bond operations, including Newberg.
  • Mona Smith for her great work on the presidential executive intern program! You have helped make that happen for our students this fall. Thank you!
  • Darrin Hotrum for the development of the internal audit plan, moving forward with ethics point and rebuilding the best external audit committee meeting.
  • Eric Blumenthal and Dina Farrel for all your recent work in developing plans to improve budget process and accountability.
  • Vanessa Wood and Laura Massey for restoring Title IX eligibility
  • Dana Peterson, Heather Monaghan and Dina Farrell for getting the biennium budget set
  • Kate Chester for all the recent publicity
  • Laura Massey for providing Oregon Promise data with a quick turnaround
  • Julianne Johnson, Dan Hayes and Patrick Tangredi for helping the PCC Foundation make their Legacy event a smashing success
  • Josette Beach, Marc Goldberg, Linda Degman, Jessica Howard and Sylvia Kelley for all their hard work with the Jasmine Block project