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All fields are required and must have an entry. You must complete the PCC admissions process and be issued a PCC ID number (G number) and PCC email address in order to complete the form.

Please make sure that your financial orders are in place prior to putting yourself on the welding waitlist. If you have not accepted your financial aid award you may not be eligible to enroll in welding classes when called in from the waitlist. Visit the financial aid website.

Starting Spring 2013, the waitlist will be term specific. Once classes have reached the enrollment capacity for a specific term the waitlist will be closed, at that time we will start the waitlist for the following term. Please note, names will not be rolled from term to term, if you have not been called in off the waitlist you will need to resubmit the waitlist form to be eligible for the next term.

Students are encouraged to attend a welding information session.

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I understand that I am on the wait list, and not registering for a welding class. I also understand that I will have 24 hours to respond when an instructor emails or calls me to be enrolled into a welding class(es). I also understand that it is my responsibility to contact the welding program to notify them if my personal information changes.