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AMT  Aviation Maintenance Technology


Prospective students, please attend a

Program Information Session


Degrees and Certificates Offered


  • Completion of AMT 101
  • placement into Reading 90 (or higher)

  • placement into Writing 90  (or higher)

  • Math Competency -                                                                                                          

        Student must complete PCC Math 60


        Student who places above PCC MTH 60 or has taken a higher than PCC MTH 60 course equivalency at another institution, must take the (free) AMT Department Math Competency Test. To take this test, please have your academic transcript evaluated by an academic advisor for math placement. Then contact either Gratia Minor at 971-722-7387 or , or Marshall Pryor at 971-722-7233 or, to obtain the Testing Center Permission Form for the AMT Math Competency Test. This test must be passed prior to registration into the first term of AMT program courses.


~~For more details about AMT program admissions, and meeting the Math Competency, please visit the AMT department's website: click here.


Getting Started

  1. PCC Admissions

  2. Take PCC College Placement Tests or take transcripts of prior college credits completed to an academic advisor for evaluation of Reading, Writing, and/or Math placements. Refer to the AMT program Math Competency requirement outlined under program prerequisites. In addition to meeting writing and reading placement prerequisites, you must also meet the math competency prerequisite. 

  3. Complete PCC Orientation

  4. Complete AMT 101 (For course schedule, click here)

  5. Once all prerequisites have been met, you are eligible to register for AMT first term courses    

           (AMT 105, 106, and 107).   

 NOTE:  AMT admits 20 students into the program twice a year: fall and winter term only.  This means that new students begin the AMT program either fall or winter term only.  Any exceptions to this would have to be approved by the department chair, Marshall Pryor 971-722-7233    

Registration is first-come first-served, so it is important that prospective students register for classes as soon as they are eligible. The AMT entry-point classes (and their wait list) tend to fill by the end of the third day of registration. Refer to the PCC Academic Calendar for registration date and time details. Please note that registration day and time is determined by number of credits earned at PCC (this does not include credits transferred in from another institution).


AMT students:

Any questions regarding Associate Degree requirements can be directed to Gratia Minor.  I am more than happy to discuss AAS degree writing, and General Education requirements with you.


$ Scholarships $

There are many scholarships available to AMT students.  Flyers with current scholarship opportunities are available in the hangar to the left of the time clock.  This "Finding Funding" powerpoint also provides some helpful guidance related to the scholarship sources and the application process:  Finding Funding 101


AMT Website

AMT Department website

Please visit the FAQ page for answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding the program.  The department web page includes details regarding program costs, occupational outlook, required tools, and much, much more.  










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