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DS Diesel Service Technology

**The DS program does not offer classes in the summer term.  DS classes are only        offered fall, winter, and spring terms. 


Prospective students, please attend a

Program Information Session


Degrees and Certificates Offered

        Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS)

             Degree Requirements

        Two-year Certificate

             Certificate Requirements

        One-year Certificate


All Diesel courses have a prerequisite of:

     * Placement into RD 90 or higher, or completion of RD 80

     * Placement into MTH 60 or higher, or completion of MTH 20


Required Tools List

Click here for the list of tools required for DS certificates and degree.

All tools can be purchased in the Rock Creek bookstore in sets.  Also, a variety of vendor lists with student discounted prices are available in the diesel tool room (Building 2 Room117) inside the shop. Bob Cook runs the tool room year round 971-722-7275.

Click HERE for a partial list of local tool vendors.


Estimated Program Costs

Here is an outline of estimated costs for the 1-Year Certificate, 2-Year Certificate, and AAS degree.


Course Planning

Courses in this program may be taken in any order.  You are welcome to begin the program in any of the diesel classes currently being offered.   The Course Planning Guide can  help give you an idea of what classes will be offered which terms.  

NOTE: most diesel courses are offered as a two modular sequenceExample: DS 103 Fuel Injection Systems 6cr. and DS 203 Fuel Inject. Syst. Diagnostics 6cr.   Students should register for BOTH modules, as the 1XX session runs the first half of the term and the 2XX session runs the second half of the term.   The only exception to this is the DS 101 Engine Rebuild class which is a 12 cr. class in itself, and runs the entire length of the term.   See the current term schedule for details. 


Steps to Registration

1. PCC Admissions

2. PCC College Placement Test    If English is not your native language, click here for information about the placement test for ESL students.

3. PCC Orientation

4. Register for classes online. You may also register in-person at any PCC campus Registration Office. 

Students register themselves online via their MyPCC account. Registration is first-come, first-served. Please the PCC Academic Calendar for registration date/time details.



Contact Me:


phone: 971-722-7387

M-F 8am-3pm


Trade Act Students:

If you are a student receiving benefits from a Trade Act program, I am more than happy to assist you in mapping out the required classes and expenses for your degree or certificate program. However, please note that Your Trade Act Representative is the only person who can approve your educational plan.  Also, please check with your Trade Act Representative if you are unsure of what benefits are available to you or how to access those benefits (I do not have access to that information).

For more information on Trade Act, please go to Worksource Oregon's Trade Act page.

Often Trade Act students are asked to find out information about wages and job positions. Oregon's Labor Market Information System (OLMIS) can be helpful in obtaining this information. To go to their website, please go to

Trade Act students should follow the "Getting Started" steps listed above on this page. If you need further help or have additional questions, please feel free to contact me. Since Trade Act paperwork often takes significant time to complete, it is highly advisable to make an appointment with me rather than just dropping by.


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