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Instructions for written assignments:


1. Type assignments whenever possible. (This will help students with spelling.) However, handwritten assignments are better than typed assignments which contain errors in formatting.


2. Always use standard size 81/2 x 11" lined paper. (This is expected in all college courses.)


3.  Write on one side of the paper only. Holes should be on the left!


4.    Write clearly and neatly.


5.    Write double-spaced (on every other line).


6..    Leave a margin (about one inch) on the left and right sides of the paper.


7.    Write your full name, the course name or number, and the date in the top left-hand corner (or top right--but not in the middle) of the paper.


8.    Identify the assignment. Write the activity and page number on the left side of the first line.


9.    Write in dark ink (blue or black). If you have more than 1 mistake, you should recopy the page.


10. Do not crinkle, tear or fold your paper.


11. Never complete (or even recopy) assignments during class time. You may use the break for this purpose if necessary.


    Here is an example of the top half of a sample page:


                Silvia Ramirez

                ESOL 164

                October 10, 2013


                Activity 20 p. 66 Predicting test questions





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