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Kathleen Holloway


Volunteer Literacy Tutoring Program -

SE Campus, Tutor Coordinator

Office: SE Campus, Library 218

Telephone:  (971) 722-6280


The Volunteer Literacy Tutoring Program (VLT) makes a positive difference in our community!   It provides instruction in basic literacy, English language, and math skills to adults at PCC campuses and at other sites in the community. 

Volunteers tutor ESOL learners (English for Speakers of Other Languages levels 1-5) and students in the Adult Basic Education Program (ABE).  ESOL learners are adult refugees, immigrants, and U.S. citizens, whose first language is not English and who need to improve reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.  Learners in the ABE Program need help in improving basic literacy and math skills or preparing for the GED exam.

All students must have a PCC ID number, attend an intake interview and take a placement test.  Students must commit to 75% attendance once placed with a tutor.  Tutoring is free of charge to students.

Volunteer tutors are members of the community with at least a high school diploma and English language fluency.  A 12 hour training workshop is offered to new tutors (see Portland Literacy Council website below) and tutors are asked to commit to at least six months at about 2-4 hours per week.  After training is completed, tutors meet with a coordinator to be matched one-on-one with a student, with a small group or placed as an aide in the classroom. Volunteers give their time for the personal satisfaction of helping others.  They also gain valuable tutoring experience, learn about other cultures and have fun.  Please consider joining us!


Resources for Tutors and Students:

Volunteer Literacy Tutoring Program (VLT)

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) & Adult Basic Education (ABE)

Portland Literacy Council

Portland ESL Network

ProLiteracy Tutor & Student Resources

PCC Library







Resources for Tutors:

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