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  Welcome to my home page

Office: Sylvania CT 216        E-mail:        PH: 977-8085

See my artwork @ Elizabeth Leach Gallery


My Courses...

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  Fall 2015 Course No.   Course Title Section
    ART 181A Painting I 44165
    ART 181B Painting I 44166
    ART 181C Painting I 44167
    ART 281A Painting II 46647
    ART 281B Painting II 46648
    ART 281C Painting II 46649
    ART 284A Water Media I 44222
    ART 284B Water Media I 44223
    ART 284C Water Media I 44224
    ART 287A Water Media II 44225
    ART 287B Water Media II 44226
    ART 287C Water Media II 44227

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