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  Fall 2015 Course No.   Course Title Section
    ART 253A Ceramics I 44184
    ART 253A Ceramics I 44188
    ART 253B Ceramics I 44185
    ART 253B Ceramics I 44189
    ART 253C Ceramics I 44186
    ART 253C Ceramics I 44190
    ART 253C Ceramics I 48353
    ART 256A Ceramics II 44205
    ART 256B Ceramics II 44206
    ART 256C Ceramics II 44207

  Winter 2016 Course No.   Course Title Section
    ART 253A Ceramics I 14618
    ART 253A Ceramics I 14636
    ART 253B Ceramics I 14625
    ART 253B Ceramics I 14637
    ART 253C Ceramics I 14626
    ART 253C Ceramics I 14638
    ART 253C Ceramics I 17554
    ART 256A Ceramics II 14643
    ART 256B Ceramics II 14644
    ART 256C Ceramics II 14645

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