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Jim Schneider

Department of Chemistry

Office:  SY ST 312

Phone:  971-722-4618


CH 221: General Chemistry I

Important Information:  Prerequisite changes starting Fall 2014

Our CH 221 course at PCC district-wide now has a prerequisite of having passed CH 151 (prep chem) and Math 111 (college algebra) before taking CH 221.  This is a new requirement beginning Fall 2014. The other way to meet the chemistry prereq. is if a student has had a different 100-level chem class recently (like CH 100 or 104 at PCC), or if the student takes and passes the CH 151 competency exam.

I realize the information about the CH 151 requirement is not easily found on the PCC website and I apologize for the confusion.  However, please go to the page linked below to learn more about the prerequisite and how you can test out of it.,14275,30,html

As you can see, there are a number of exams scheduled before the beginning of the term.

If you have any information regarding course prerequisites, the CH 151 competency exam, or our courses in general, please email me at  You can also contact our department chair, Patty Maazouz, at  


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  Fall 2017 Course No.   Course Title Section
    CH 221 General Chemistry I 40044
    CH 221 General Chemistry I 42718
    CH 222 General Chemistry II 42137
    CH 222 General Chemistry II 45594

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