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Portland Community College  17705 NW Springville Rd, Portland, Or. 97229



 Fundamentals of Electricity and Electronics

Fall 2014: 22 September – 30 October


CRN: 46592     6 Credits


Prerequisite       Math 20 or higher and  Reading 80 or higher


Instructor:                  Robert Bonner

Phone:                         Shop:   971-722-7210

                                    Office  971-722-7489


Office:                                    RC  Building 2-230


Class Hours:              07:00 AM-12:30 PM   Monday through Thursday.

                                    Rock Creek Campus. Bld 2/Room 117


Office Hours:             12:30-1:30 PM   Monday through Thursday, Friday by appointment


Text:                           Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Engines

                                    Sean Bennett 4th edition   ______________________required                                                                                     

                                    Electricity and Electronics

                                         Norm Chapman __________________________ required




                                    Basic tool kit _______________________________ required


                                     Snap On    EEDM596DK Digital Multi Meter  ____ required                                                                                                   


                                                     Lap Top or PC based Tablet


Operating System: Windows 7

CPU speed: 1 Ghz

RAM memory: 1 Gigabite

HDD storage: 16 Gigabite

Network adapter: Wireless

Ports: 2 each USB 2.0 or greater

Software: MS Word or compatible word processor



Dell Inspiron 15

Asus Transformer Book T100TA

Microsoft Surface 2



                                    Calculator with 1/x feature _____________________ required


                                    Celect Schematic ____________________________recommended

                                    Celect Plus Schematic ________________________recommended

                                    Celect “B” Series Schematic ______________ ____ recommended



Supplies                      Colored Pencils ______________________________ required


                                     Spiral Notebook _____________________________ required










Course content:        Basic electrical theory and electrical components used in the

Diesel Industry.

Introduction to basic electrical systems, tool use, multiplexing and diagnostic procedures.

Cummins Electronic Engine controls


                                    This is an outcome-based course utilizing a lecture - lecture/lab

format including videos, workbooks, demonstrations, lectures, written assignments and hands on learning.

Students will maintain a daily portfolio.


                                                    Student will maintain a daily portfolio and complete a project packet.


                               Professional practices such as safety, reliability, communication,            

                               and work ethics are integral parts of this course.



Note:   DS 104 Course Content Guide




Attendance:               Daily attendance is required for this course, however missed

                                   time may be made up, with instructor’s approval.

                                   Three missed days equals grade lowered one letter. Two late arrivals    

                                    equals one missed day. Leaving early equals arriving late.


Note:                          All tobacco products are banned on all PCC property.

Sleeping in class, talking during lectures, coveralls on while seated in the chairs, ear phones, hoodies, feet on tables and inappropriate language are also banned.



Note:                          Food will not be consumed in class room (Drinks ok)


Note:                          Safety Glasses, Coveralls and Work Type Shoes will be worn at 

                                   all times while in the Shop. They are also required in any other areas

                                   while work is being performed.


Note:                          All personal electronic devices will be turned off during class.

                                    Except for instructor authorized learning tools.


Note:                           Work ethics include; safety, quality of workmanship, cleanliness,

punctuality, time management, and the ability to work with others.

Student may be asked to leave class because of safety violation.




Note:                            Student must with draw by the end first day of the term, September22, 2014, to be eligible for refund.

                                    5:00 PM in person, 10:00 PM online.                                        Add/drop/withdraw deadlines for the term 




·   Note:    ●  Instructional ADA statement

Students who experience disability-related barriers should contact Disability Services[]. If students elect to use approved academic adjustments, they must provide in advance formal notification from Disability Services to the instructor.



 Note:               Letters of recommendations must be requested in writing from the


                         All email communication must be via “My PCC” email address.


Note:                          This syllabus may be amended at the Instructor’s discretion

Assignment/exam calendars, etc, may be changed in response to, but not limited to, institutional, weather, and other class problems




Student Rights and Responsibilities


It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with the:


Portland Community College Student Rights and Responsibilities,





Code of Conduct




Academic Integrity Policy

Students are required to complete this course in accordance with the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. Dishonest activities such as cheating on exams and submitting or copying work done by others will result in disciplinary actions including but not limited to receiving a failing grade. See the Academic Integrity Policy for further details


                                      Equal opportunity statement




                                      Children on PCC Properties




  PCC Grading Guidelines


Grading policy:         Attendance                             30%

                                    Tests and quizzes                    30%

                                    Written assignments                30%

                                    Work ethic                              10%



Letter grade:              A_____________ 90 through 100%

                                    B _____________ 80 through   89%

                                    C _____________ 70 through   79%

                                    D _____________ 60 through   69%

                                    F _____________    0 through 59%










Portland Community College

Diesel Technology




This attendance policy is a department policy and is implemented into all Diesel Service Technology program classes.  The department instructors believe this to be important to provide consistency among the different classes and instructors.


Reliability is a growing concern of the local Diesel Technician employers. If technicians come late, leave early and consistently miss workdays, the most mechanically skilled are not productive and will not maintain an advancing career. This attendance policy simulates what is expected by our industry and will help in preparing students to enter the workforce as reliable employees.


1.  For each three days missed per six week module, the earned  

       module letter grade will be lowered by one letter.


2.  Late to class two times is equal to one missed day.


3.  Leaving early is equal to coming late and will count


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