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I teach Art History at PCC Rock Creek and also online and am the director of the Helzer Art Gallery.

This fall, I will be teaching two online classes and two classes at Rock Creek. Here is some information about the two Rock Creek classes. Please contact me if you have any questions about either.


Art 213: Modern Art History (MW 10:00-11:50 PM)

In this class, we are going to explore what has happened in the art world over the last 25 years. New media, new technology and new challenges to the authority of any "establishment" makes this a really exciting time. We'll be doing some gallery visits and I have some fascinating films and video to share with you. If you are curious about art today,if you are a practicing artist or art student, then this class is designed for you! Come prepared to be provoked, intrigued and maybe even angry from time to time!

Art 204: History of Western Art (TTH 11:00-12:50 PM)

In this class, we move from prehistory through the period of High Greek art, so our focus is primarily on art and architecture of the ancient world around the Mediterranean., the Near East, and North Africa. We are lucky this year that the Portland Art Museum is hosting a show of Greek antiquities--sculpture, ceramics, and other objects--from the British Museum in London, whose collection is about the best in the world! You can bet we'll be taking advantage of that show and of the programs that surround it. Pretty cool stuff.


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    ART 212 Mod Art Hst:Early 20th Cen Art 28207

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