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Pamela Kessinger photo   Pamela Kessinger, Department Chair, Library Faculty

   Portland Community College (Oregon)

   Rock Creek Campus


   pkessing (at)


Pam supports students and faculty in the pursuit of "information literacy" and research skills.  She works at the Research Help Desk at the Rock Creek campus Library of Portland Community College. She also currently serves as peer-coach for the Learning Assessment Council for several Subject Area Committees (SACs, akin to Disciplines) for the assessment of student learning and achievement of college core outcomes. She occasionally teaches the 1-credit course LIB 101.  She currently serves on the Curriculum committee.

Kessinger, Pamela."Integrated Instruction Framework for Information Literacy". Journal of Information Literacy. 7(2). December 2013. 33-59.


Mapping Course Outcomes to Information Literacy Objectives: The Research Support Framework. Workshop presented at the Oregon Information Literacy Summit, Oregon State University-Cascades campus, Bend, Oregon. ILAGO. 2013.

Integrated Instruction framework for information literacy. Paper presented at Librarians' Information Literacy Annual Conference, University of Manchester, England. LILAC. 2013.

Research Support Framework

National Council on Student Development Conference; Librarians Connect - as collaborators, mentors and advocates. October 22-25 2009

Sabbatical Briefing: How do librarians support pre-college ready learners?

Tools for teaching

Academic Research

Wikipedia v. Academia chart

Academic Research Bibliography

Concept Map: Ideological Frames

Defining a Topic and Research Question


Librarians and Librarianship

What is a librarian?

Information Literacy Integration Systems and Timeline View (Rock Creek)


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