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A popular Government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy; or, perhaps, both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives

 -- James Madison, 1822


Peer Coaching for Professional Excellence

Professional peers can be keen observers for instructional improvement, providing relevant critical feedback.  The best mentors are not necessarily people with the same teaching style, or even the same pedagogy.  What they offer is confidentiality, trust, experience, and passion for teaching-- and the opportunity for heart-felt, deep conversations which bring about authentic teachers. 

Teaching Reflection

Performance Skills Assessment



Librarianship as a Profession, for Pam

Librarians at the Hub: Connecting Institutional Cultures.” [Sabbatical summary for PCC library staff.] Fall 2009


Pre-Internet and pre-personal computers

  • No graphic user interface: printed cards, text- and command based search protocols
  • Typewriter with correction tape and limited memory functions
  • Modems with couplers: no wireless, no high speed connections
  • Bi-weekly updates were printed pages: pull old, file in new
  • Online index searches were charged by the minute

Between the Master of Librarianship degree and the career:

  1. Mentors
  2. Heroes
  3. Professional Journals
    1. A to Z List of Magazines and Journals at PCC Library, to browse full text
    2. Summit Libraries, Journal Title search
  4. Professional Organizations
    1. American Library Association
    2. American Association of Women in Community Colleges
      • Conference job fairs
      • List-servs for job notices
      • Leadership training
      • Workshops
  5. Professional Ethics
    1. Ranganathan's Five Laws of Librarianship
    2. Kurt Vonnegut's Man Without A Country (about 3/4 of the page down, with the paragraph starting "While on the subject of burning books, I want to congratulate librarians...")

Career development: Dueling images

  1. Spinster, Donna Reed, as Mary (w/o George Bailey ) in It's A Wonderful Life
  2. * VIDEO Shusher, Marion, the Librarian, Shirley Jones in The Music Man
  3. * VIDEO We just wanna be fancy and free , our alter-egos in Second Life
  4. * VIDEO What we actually appear to be , the March of the Librarians
  5. * VIDEO "Librarian" Lays Down the Law: but, who is the librarian here? What is their job? From Party Girl

Getting Beyond the Labels

  1. Funny, You Don't Look Like a Librarian
  2. Have a sense of humor, like the Lipstick Librarian or the folks behind Peep Research
  3. Job v. career: look at the big picture, Issues and Advocacy, American College and Research Libraries
  4. Take inspiration from the best: deep down I just wanna be Bunny from Desk Set, outwitting EMERAC
  5. * VIDEO Embrace your inner Librarian. Write a Manifesto [Caution: contains some nudity]
  6. * VIDEO "I am a librarian," from The Mummy
  7. * VIDEO Introducing the Book : Must user frustration always be a legacy of information systems?
  8. * VIDEO But, if we take "Anything Anytime Anywhere" to heart, can we finally have cookies in the Library?!!


Are you well suited to be a librarian...?  Do you like communicating with people as much as you like books - information - facts...?

  • Terms to describe your personality
  • Terms to describe your work skills

Personality Type Test, from the BBC

Color Quiz

Transferable Skills Survey



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