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Richard Lazere, Ph.D., Inc.

Welcome to the home of enlightened pedagogy!

This site is designed to help you on your journey throughthe jungle of small type, rules and regulations which is all too often a stumbling block to higher education. The buck stops here! This professor is available to teach, coach, guide and assist you to academic success. My goal is to help you to win and cross the finish line as an academic champ. I believe everyone can win and I stand ready to help you to believe that you can triumph in academia. I am available to my students to assist and ask my students not to hesitate to ask for assistance. My classroom will be a safe place for stretching and risking and will be a hate free zone. We will learn in an atmosphere of mutuality and dialogue in a manner which strengthens and gratifies my major stockholders-my students.

Richard Lazere, Ph.D., Inc.


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  Spring 2017 Course No.   Course Title Section
    PSY 101 Psychology and Human Relations 20110
    PSY 101 Psychology and Human Relations 21668
    PSY 214 Introduction to Personality 20179

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