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Michael T. Kies, P.E.


Civil and Mechanical Engineering Technology
    Department Chair

Engineering Transfer

I have been a full time instructor at PCC since
1997.  Prior to coming to PCC, I worked as a
structural consultant.

PO Box 19000, SY ST 208
Portland, OR  97280-0990
503 977-4161
503 977-4859



My Courses...

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  Fall 2014 Course No.   Course Title Section
    ENGR 211 Statics 41182
    ENGR 226 Plane Surveying 41184
    ENGR 226 Plane Surveying 45099
    ENGR 226 Plane Surveying 45100

  Winter 2015 Course No.   Course Title Section
    CMET 228 Construction Materials 10554
    CMET 228 Construction Materials 14240

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