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Welcome to the World of Art

Susanne Tringali:
Introduction to Art,
Art History
and the History of Graphic Design
on line,

and abroad,

if you want to travel with me and see for yourself


offers new and exciting possibilities to learn about art in my

New Media Art class (Art 103) where we will explore print making, photography, film, video, performance art and so much more that is new, exciting and completely contemporary.  Learn to understand these new forms of art and explore how they affect us in our daily lives, and of course in context of culture and time. 
I will also be teaching
History of Western Art, (Art 206) from the Late Gothic through the Baroque periods
and the History of Graphic Design (Art 214). 

All of these classes are available to you
via convenient on-line offerings.

Come join me!
This travel through time via the artistic expression of humans promises to be challenging and interesting, and most certainly thought provoking.

Please view a short video here about my classes







See with your own eyes what inspired great masters!



My Courses...

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  Spring 2017 Course No.   Course Title Section
    ART 103 Understanding New Media Arts 23780
    ART 206 History of Western Art 27772
    ART 206 History of Western Art 28706
    ART 214 History of Graphic Design 27773

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