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My contact info:

Where you can find me:

Room 202 Building 7, Rock Creek Campus






Office Hours:

Fall term: Mondays 1:30-4 PM, Thursdays 12 PM - 2 PM. 

Winter term: Mondays and Thursdays 11 AM-2 PM.

Spring term: Tuesdays 12-3:30 PM, Thursdays 2:00-3:30 PM. 

Summer term: off campus, please email me or contact Niki Steele, 971-722-7255

Hours are subject to change, and I am available other times too: please make an appointment.


Rock Creek 7-202
17705 NW Springville Rd
Portland, OR 97229

Academic advising and planning for MT students

Sample syllabi for courses I teach:

MT101 Intro to Semiconductor Manufacturing

MT102 Intro to Semiconductor Devices

MT103 Intro to Micro and Nano Processing

MT104 Intro to Solar Voltaic Processing

MT111 Electronic Circuits and Devices I

MT200 Semiconductor Processes

MT222 Quality Control Methods in Manufacturing

MT240 RF Plasma Systems


Microelectronics Technology web site

Library support for Microelectronics Technology



My Courses...

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  Fall 2015 Course No.   Course Title Section
    MT 101 Intro to Semiconductor Manuf 45172
    MT 102 Intro to Semiconductor Dev 45173
    MT 103 Intro to Micro and Nano Proc 45174
    MT 104 Intro to Solar Voltaic Process 45175
    MT 222 Quality Control Methods in Mfg 44273

  Winter 2016 Course No.   Course Title Section
    MT 240 RF Plasma Systems 10593
    MT 240 RF Plasma Systems 12482

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