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  ESOL 250 - Level 7 Academic Reading

Spring 2015

CRN:  23679

Instructor: Laura A. Horani

Course Description: This class will help you improve understanding of written material in English. We will focus on critical thinking and reading skills, content comprehension, study skills, reading techniques and language analysis.  We will use a variety of materials in this class: our two textbooks and articles from newspapers, magazines, or the Internet.

Prerequisites: Compass ESL placement test; concurrent placement in ESOL 162 and 164 or higher.

Classroom: Southeast Campus, Scott 207

Meeting times & days: Monday & Wednesday 10:30 a.m.-12:50 p.m.

Textbooks: Ten Steps to Building College Reading Skills by John Langan (5th ed, Townsend Press)

                     Orphan Train: A Novel by Christina Baker Kline

Required Materials: Regular access to the Internet, English/English dictionary, 2-language dictionary, highlighter, and notebook paper.

Laura's office: Scott Room 106

Office hours: 1:00-2:00 Monday & Wednesday, 11:00-1:00 Tuesday and Thursday, or by appointment.

Office phone: (971) 722-6221 If I don't answer, please leave a message.

E-mail: or through D2L

Course Goals: This class is designed to get you ready for Level 8 Academic Reading (ESOL 260). The goal is to have you reading pre-college academic and general interest materials in English comfortably and competently. You will be able to read and discuss what you have read both orally and in writing. You will also use Desire to Learn (D2L), something that is used as in many online classes at PCC and PSU. We'll use D2L, so you can continue to discuss the ideas in the readings and the ideas that come up in class. We will also work on vocabulary in this class (and you'll have vocabulary quizzes) so that you can increase the number of words you know and use.

Class Rules (Rules of the Game):

1. Each student will take an active role in a literature circle. This means that the student will work with a small group to go over the assigned pages in the novel. Each person in the literature circle will actively discuss the novel according to his/her role. On the days we do the literature circles, you will need to come to class prepared and ready to lead your small group..

2. Attendance is very important! If you miss more than 2 classes (which equals about 5 hours), your final grade may be lowered by one whole letter grade. Per ESOL department policy, if you miss 4 classes, you will automatically fail the class. I'll try to work with you if you have an emergency, but you need to know the departmental policy.

3. You need to be on time for each class. Students who come in late tick me off (= make me mad), and a student's lateness may be counted as an absence if it is a habitual problem. In classes where lateness is an issue, I have no problem giving everyone a quiz promptly at 10:30, so let's all try to be on time. Come to each class prepared for the day's activities, cooperate with your classmates, and cooperate with me.

4. You need to stay for the entire class. Leaving early counts as a partial absence.

5. Once you are in class, please make sure your cell phone is set to either "vibrate" or "silent". During a test or quiz, your cell phone should be OFF, and you should not touch it for any reason. If you need to answer a call, please step outside the classroom to talk on your phone. This is considered basic cell phone etiquette in the U.S.

6. Laptops and tablets can be used during breaks or when I say it is appropriate (for example, when you are using an online dictionary). This is not a lecture-based class. I need you paying attention and taking any notes the old-fashioned way: with your hand.

7. You MUST bring your books to class. Bring both of them every time you come to class. After all, this is college.

8. All makeup work is the responsibility of the student. If you have to miss a class due to illness or other urgent reasons, e-mail me and let me know! We can discuss what you missed and what you need to do to get "caught up." It's also a good idea for each of you to get the telephone number of 2 other people in this class so that you can get more detailed information about what happened in class when you were absent.


Name: _____________ Phone: __________ Email: _____________________


Name: _____________Phone: ___________Email: ______________________

Late papers may be accepted with instructor approval (that means you need to talk to me about why you are giving me a late assignment, and I may or may not accept your paper). If your paper is accepted late, points will be subtracted.

9. Students will be expected to participate regularly on D2L.  If you do not do all the required assignments on D2L, your final grade for this class will be reduced by 10%. That's a whole letter grade, in case you were wondering.

10. You will be expected to take quizzes and exams at scheduled times. Do not come to me on the day of the test and ask to be excused. If you are absent on the day of a test, you will be expected to take it the next time I see you (whether you've studied or not). If you do not finish a test during the test period, too bad. That's the only time you'll get for a test. I do NOT give early final exams (except in the case of dire, documentable emergencies), so if you don't plan to be in the area on Monday, June 8th, please take this class another term. Remember, having plane tickets to go home on vacation is not an emergency.


Getting Into or Dropping This Class: Students who do not come to the first day of class will not be allowed to continue in this class. If you need to add this class, and there is room, I will enter permission online, but then you must register yourself and PAY for the class at the Student Account Services Window in the SCOMM building by 4 p.m. on Friday, April 3, 2015. If you have a credit card, you can pay online until Saturday, April 4, 2015.

Students may attend this course only if registered. Students who are unable to attend must drop the class online. To have tuition charges removed, the class must be dropped by Friday, April 3rd (the drop deadline on MyPCC and in the Class Schedule). Students who stop attending week one without dropping will  receive a failing grade and will be required to pay for the class.

Academic Integrity Statement: PCC does not allow or tolerate students cheating. If I catch you cheating on a quiz or test or suspect that you have given me a term paper that you did not write yourself, then I will either not give you credit for that test/assignment, or I will give you an F for that test/assignment. This will negatively affect your final grade for this class.

Grading Policy: Grading will be based on individual improvement and effort, participation in class, the quality of the work you do in your literature circle, exams, term paper and attendance.  All tests will be announced in advance, and you will be given an explanation of what the test will cover. Students who do not complete assignments, take examinations or participate actively and enthusiastically in classroom activities and on D2L will not pass this class. Also, students must pass the final exam to pass the class. A, B, and C are passing grades while D and F are not. Students who are worried about their GPA (= Grade Point Average) can choose to take this class P/NP (=Pass/No pass). Choosing this grading option means that a student must have a minimum of 70% (C-) at the end of the term to get a "Pass" grade. If you are interested in changing your grade option, you must do that online through MyPCC by May 23, 2015. Students who successfully complete this class will be ready for ESOL 260. Yay!!

ADA Statement: PCC is committed to supporting all students. If you have an accommodation form from the Disability Services, please meet with me privately as soon as possible to discuss your needs. Accommodations are not retroactive, but begin when the instructor is shown the blue Approved Academic Accommodations form. To request academic accommodations due to a disability, please contact Disability Services at 971-722-4341.

Equal Opportunity: Every student will have an equal opportunity for success in this class. I expect everyone to participate actively in class and to listen with respect to every classmate. Students are expected to follow all of the rules listed in the Student Code of Conduct. You can find this in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.

Important Dates:

First week: March 30th & April 1st => What is Community Based Learning? We'll be talking about this the first week. This is a required part of this class (you will not pass this class if you fail to do all parts of this project), and it involves doing a minimum of 12 hours of volunteer work outside of class by Friday, June 5, 2015 for a nonprofit organization in your community, ideally either with the elderly or with children or teenagers. The purpose of doing this is to connect with the themes of the novel we are reading in class this term and help others in society while you use and improve your English.

Midterm Exam: Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Term Paper: Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Final Exam: 11:00 am-12:50 p.m. on Monday, June 8, 2015

Please note that the above schedule of assignments and exams (except the final exam) may be changed because of institutional, weather or class problems/needs.
PCC - Southeast Campus
2305 SE 82nd Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97216




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