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I want to tell you a little bit about my work history at Portland Community College.


First, working at Climb Center for Advancement was a great experience. It is located in the downtown Water Avenue area and in front of OMSI. Many locals hang around near Climb. I occasionally walked to the water front when the weather was nice. I also walked a half mile over the Hawthorne bridge to get my sandwich for lunch. It was quite noisy, but I could see the center of Downtown Portland, and it is actually pretty remarkable.


Climb Center offers the dynamic programs. The programs are Institute of Health Professionals, Small Business Development, Life By Design NW and Professional Development and Training.  All of the staff, instructors and contractors work earnestly. During my six and half years at Climb, I enlarged my high-end computer technical skills and business development education.  All of the programs are great contributions to the community and support people’s education and their career directly.


On February 3 2014, I was assigned from Climb to the Southeast Campus. Furthermore, I will continually support campus district wide Projects and extended learning business programs.




"Hawthorne Bridge"




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