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Vegetarian Indian Cooking for Teens

The vegetarian lifestyle isn't just about health and nutrition. It's also amazingly delicious and allows for tons of creativity. Join us for a hands-on class that covers cooking basics, world vegetarian cuisines and Indian cuisine in particular.

Important! Wear pants, closed-toe non-slip shoes and a long sleeved shirt.

Registration info:

Day 1: Basic Kitchen Essentials

We'll cover basic kitchen essentials, including:

  • Knife skills (chopping, slicing, dicing, etc.)
  • How to follow recipes
  • Measuring, mixing, monitoring cooking temps and time, etc.
  • Using various kitchen utensils
  • Several cooking methods (sautéing, frying, etc.)
  • The pros and cons of several cooking mediums (oils, fats, etc.)

Meal: We will prepare a simple vegetarian dish together using one of the cooking methods covered in class.

Day Two: World Cuisines, Indian Food, and Lentils

We'll have a discussion about vegetarian foods from around the world, with an emphasis on Indian cuisine. You'll learn about:

  • The diversity of Indian food, as well as its healthful properties
  • Spices specific to Indian cuisine and what each spices offers in terms of flavor and health benefits
  • Cooking without dairy
  • Various types of lentils and their importance

Meal: We will prepare two simple vegetarian dishes using lentils and ingredients that are in season.

Day Three: Bread and Thali

We'll learn about wholegrain flatbreads of India, including Rotis and Naans, and we'll review the skills learned earlier in the week.

Meal: We'll prepare a typical vegetarian Indian "Thali," which consists of a rice dish, two vegetable dishes, a lentil dish, and a yogurt salad. 

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