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    Hi! My name is Kimberly Dawson, and I teach a class at PCC called Business/Marketing Planning for Apparel Product Development.  When not teaching, I'm a strategic marketing consultant, helping individuals and organizations turn their creative gifts and vision into prosperity. I have a passion for independent fashion design, both as a consumer and a visionary-biz-kinda-gal, and currently am in process on a white paper that articulates a strategy for creating a thriving independent fashion economy in Portland. 

I proposed Business/Marketing Planning for Apparel Product Development in the Summer 2009 and started teaching the class in the Fall.  I had noticed so many designers struggling to get businesses off the ground, or to keep them going—much less to thrive!  With a little informal research it became clear that many designers weren't benefiting from basic biz/marketing knowledge and tools that could make a huge difference in the viability and success of their businesses.  Thus, this class was born. 

Business/Marketing Planning for Apparel Product Development is hands on, practical and very interactive!  There are no "lectures" so to speak. Concepts are introduced in class, explored via homework, and then "discussed" and "taught" in the following week's class in the context of each student's specific project. We all learn from each other.  Additionally, each week (except 1st and last) we have a guest designer who shares his/her experiences, so students get to see "marketing mixes" in play in the real world.  

Click the link below to view the Fall 2010 Syllabus:

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