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Communication 5


ELLLO - listening practice and quizzes on a variety of topics

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab - easy, medium, and difficult listening activities

Voice of America  - listening practice with news stories and transcripts

StoryCorps - listening practice with stories about people (with transcripts)

Classroom Listening Skills

TED Talks - listening practice with subtitles in many languages

Progressive Insurance Commercials

Commercial - Unicorns and Glitter




Live Mocha - online language learning community



English Vowel Sounds 1 - English with Jennifer (YouTube)

Front Vowels - Jennifer ESL

Front Vowels Part 2 - Jennifer ESL

ESLAmerica.US - pronunciation from beginning to advanced levels

Text To Speech - text to speech with video

AT&T Labs Natural Voices - text to speech

JenniferESL - stress patterns - pronunciation of individual words

IPA Consonant Sounds - YouTube

R and L - Jennifer ESL

R and L (in one word) - Jennifer ESL

Voiced TH - Jennifer ESL

Unvoiced TH - Jennifer ESL

The Omission of /t/ - Jennifer ESL

Word Stress 1 - Jennifer ESL

Word Stress 2 - Jennifer ESL

Sentence Stress 1 - Jennifer ESL



Employment Services





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