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PCC's English Skills Center


    General Grammar Links

ESOL Grammar Links

Basic Sentence Patterns+Elements of a Sentence

Azar Grammar PowerPoint Presentations

ESL Blues

Adele's ESL Corner - Grammar Practice Activities

Purdue OWL - Subject-Verb Agreement - Seven Tricky Pairs of Confusing Words - The Five Basic Sentence Patterns

Subject-Verb Agreement with Indefinite Pronouns

Professor Grammar Youtube - Word Order (adjectives before nouns)

YouTube - Direct Objects and Indirect Objects - Phrases and Clauses


            Parts of Speech

Word Invasion - Parts of Speech Game

Purdue Owl - Parts of Speech Overview

Study Zone - Parts of Speech

A List of Prepositions

JenniferESL - Prepositions - A List of Irregular Verbs

YouTube - Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns - Linking Verbs

Purdue Owl - Prepositions for Time, Place, and Introducing Objects

Purdue Owl - Prepositions of Direction: To, On, and In - Coordinating Conjunctions



ESLBee - Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences

Pensacola State College - QUIZ:  Identifying Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences



A Way to Check Your Grammar - Phras-In

JenniferESL - Common Mistakes in English (-ed/-ing adjectives)

What a Wonderful World

Wonderful Tonight

Because You Love Me


Tools for Finding the Right Words


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