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revised 3-25-09


Ø         replace with nothing


#          problems with singular/plural, count/non-count, verb/subject     agreement: Usually this means that -s is missing or incorrectly used.


          A new paragraph is needed.


?          unclear (structure or vocabulary)        


??        The reader has no idea of what you mean.


(       ) or ((        ))        The error is somewhere inside the parentheses.


______ or ______       The error is somewhere in the underlined area.


Art             article usage


BE             a form of the verb BE is needed


Cap            capitalization


OBJ           The verb needs an object.


p                punctuation problem


Prep           preposition  problem


Pro             A noun should be replaced by a pronoun.


sp               misspelling


Struct         structure problem—could be many different kinds


SUBJ         The verb needs a subject.


VERB        A verb is needed.


VF             verb form problem


VT             verb tense problem


WO           word order problem


WF            word form  problem—for example, using a noun for a verb


WW           wrong word

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