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Welcome to Math 20 Online!

I have taught Math 20 online for the past 14 years and I taught math for PCC full time for 31 years.  I retired from teaching full time June, 2010 but I love teaching online so much, I continue to teach  one section of math 20 online each term.   My passion is helping students overcome some of their math fears, fill in their math gaps, and have some fun in the process.  Congrats to those who registered early and are in the course!  Follow the directions below and try to purchase your text so you are ready to roll on the first Monday of the term. 

Print Out Links

Metric Measurements

Formulas for Geometric Shapes

Signed Numbers - Review

Conversion Tables





For those of you who are registered in my Math 20 online class, I would like to take a few moments to let you know a couple of things ahead of time.

Book Purchase: The text to order is Basic Math by Adams, Van Dyke, Rogers.  You can purchase the text in the Rock Creek, Cascade, or Sylvania  Portland Community College Bookstores or online. It is a text especially prepared for PCC math 20 students and is primarily used at RC and Cascade.

 Work will begin on the first Monday of the term, so you will need to have your book and access to online at that time.    You may begin to access your online course at 9:00pm on theSunday prior to the  first day of the term or any other time that is convenient that day.  This 4 credit math course will not be easier than the traditional, lecture format of math 20.  It will require between 10-15 hours of math work each week.  I hope you will enjoy learning math in this online format as well as I enjoy teaching it!


You can read more information about the class on my welcome page under Distance Learning on the website.

I look forward to "seeing"  you on-line!

Marilyn Marshall


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