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Basic Math Skills Lab

ALC 60, ALC 61, ALC 62, ALC 63

self-paced math


The ALC 60, 61, 62, 63 math classes are self-paced. They can be taken to review Basic Math (MTH 20) or Introductory Algebra (MTH 60 & MTH 65), or to work by yourself at a slower or faster pace. During the orientation you and your instructor will set an individualized plan of study that you will complete over the course of the term.

Self-paced math is available as 0-, 1-, 2-, or 3-credit classes:

  • 0 credit:      ALC 60
  • 1 credit:      ALC 61    30 hours of lab work are required
  • 2 credits:    ALC 62    60 hours of lab work are required
  • 3 credits:    ALC 63    90 hours of lab work are required

During the opening hours of the Student Success Center you can schedule your lab work anytime that is convenient for you. Tutors will be available at all times to assist you with your questions. Once a week you will meet with your instructor for a check in where you can clarify questions and check on your progress.

The syllabus and other documents are posted on MyPCC.

For questions please email the instructor Heiko Spoddeck or call him at (503) 977 - 4353.

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