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This is the official site of Angie Lohr, instructor of "all things Humanities" at Portland Community College

Selected Vitae


EdD, Instructional Technology and Distance Learning, University of West Florida, in progress (coursework complete end of 2009)

MA, Interdisciplinary Humanities (Philosophy/History), University of West Florida, 2004

Recent and Current Presentations and Publications:

  • Darwinian Group Selection Juxtaposed to Human Religious Group Behavior, thesis,  2004

  • National Children's Cancer Society Newsletter, contributor, 2005

  • American Association of Women in Community Colleges (AAWCC) Conference Presenter (Portland, OR, 2008), paper entitled:  Harnessing Life Experiences:  Transformative Leadership

  • Community College Humanities Association (CCHA) Conference Presenter (Portland, OR, 2008), paper entitled:  Emergent Humanities:  Re-Connecting Culture Through Transformative Thought

  • Evolution Learning Community (ELC) 2009 Conference (“Darwin’s Legacy” hosted by UNC-Wilmington), Presenter, paper entitled:  The Evolution of Religion:  Human Religious Group Behavior Juxtaposed to Darwinian Group Selection

  • Society for Phenomenology and Human Sciences (SPHS) Conference Presenter (Arlington, VA, October 2009), paper entitled:  A Phenomenological Discourse in Psycho-Social Coping:  Hegel’s “Other” as a Protective Mechanism

  • Humanities and Technology Association (HTA) Conference Presenter (Charlottesville, VA, September 2009), paper entitled:  Technocracy Deconstructed:  The Subjective Relationship of Technology & Progress in Post-Revolutionary American Culture

  • Online Learning Communities in Oncological Patient Services:  A Functional Approach to Meeting the Needs of Cancer Families, dissertation prospectus, 2010

Research Interests

Medieval Philosophy, Philosophy of Biology, St. Augustine, Aquinas, Scotus, Plato, Occam, origins of religion, American Civil War, colonization, Florida history

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My Courses...

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  Spring 2017 Course No.   Course Title Section
    HUM 100 Intro to Humanities 21251
    HUM 100 Intro to Humanities 22077
    HUM 203 Hum & Tech:Future Direction 20362

  Summer 2017 Course No.   Course Title Section
    HUM 100 Intro to Humanities 30331
    HUM 100 Intro to Humanities 30572

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