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Shannon Baird

Co-Chair, Full-time Faculty, Building Construction Technology Department

Program Director, Construction Management

Chair, PCC CTE Chairs Council

Portland Community College, Rock Creek Campus


Welcome to my home page. 

Students in my classes can access all course materials at:


I can be contacted at:


Construction Management at PCC

Interested in a career in construction management? 

Would you like to know more about the opportunities that are available to graduates with an Associates Degree in Construction Management from PCC? 

 If you are interested in learning more about the construction management program at PCC, send me an email and get the conversation started:


Viewing a Course Homepage

Students can locate and print the syllabus for any of my current  courses at:


Login to mypcc, then click on the 'My Courses' tab, then click on the Course Name.  This will bring up the home page for the course. 

From that course homepage, look at the column on the left for 'Course Tools' and click on 'Files'.  This will display all of the files for that course. Click on the Folder which describes what you are searching for.

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Scholarship Information

Scholarship information is available on BCT Instructor Bob Steele's website.  Please apply. You can navigate to his site directly via the link below:

Professional Preparation and Instructional Approach

Buildings and Architecture have been part of my life for nearly as long as I can remember.
Since graduating from the University of Oregon, with a Bachelor's degree in Architecture, I have been involved in the building construction industry.
I began working in Corvallis in 1986, while still in school, and later worked in Eugene.  Later I moved to London, and then Hong Kong, and then New York City.  I worked on projects in each of these places.  I left industry in 2007 to begin a new career as an instructor in the Building Construction Technology Department at Portland Community College.
While working in industry, I was fortunate enough to work with some of the best in the industry; in the UK, China and the United States.  I worked on multi-million dollar projects, and on small residential renovations.  I didn't enjoy every minute of it, but I did enjoy many minutes of it, and I learned a lot along the way.  I'm still learning.
Building projects are massive, site specific collaborative efforts.   In our classes we study the skills, work habits, and attitude that are essential to success in this industry.  We explore what it takes to succeed in this difficult yet rewarding industry.
I hope to pass on to students an  appreciation for quality and craftsmanship in construction practices and management skills, and a genuine love and appreciation for great buildings. 
The best buildings in the world  were built by ordinary (and a few extraordinary)  men and women who committed themselves to quality and the satisfaction of a job well done, who came to work prepared and excited about the possibilities that a new day has to offer.  Every day I come to work hoping to help another individual develop the skills they will need to contribute in the construction industry; to develop into a valuable member of a remarkable team.   



University of Oregon - Bachelor of Architecture (5 yr. Professional), B.Arch 1988
The New School, New York, New York - Master of Science, Media Studies 2000
The New School, New York, New York - Certificate in Film Production, 2000



Present:       Full-time Faculty, Co-Chair Building Construction Technology Department, Portland Community College, Rock Creek Campus, Portland, Oregon.  Construction Management Instructor

2000-2007:   Project Manager/ Senior Architect, Michael R. La Rocca Ltd, New York, New York

2000-2007:   Designer/Project Manager, Independent Practice, Brooklyn, New York

1992-1997:   Associate-in-Charge/Project Manager,ARCHASIA Hong Kong Ltd, Hong Kong

1989-1991:   Designer/Urban Designer, Koetter Kim and Associates International Ltd., London, England, UK

1987-1989:   Designer/Project Manager, Donald B. Genasci Architects, Eugene, Oregon

Synergistic Activities

Career Technical Education Faculty Department Chairs Council, Chair – The Chairs of CTE programs at PCC get together once per month during the academic year to discuss areas of mutual concern to CTE programs, our students, and faculty.

PCC Foundation Golf Tournament Committee – The Foundation Golf Tournament raises funds for PCC student scholarships, and I am proud to represent BCT on this committee.

Rock Creek Bond Internal Steering Committee, Founding Member – PCC Faculty Participant 2008-2010 I participated on the BISC as a faculty representative through the planning and schematic phases of the campus planning process for the 2008 Bond program.

National Science Foundation Grant Participant: Sustainability Training for Technical Educators – PCC BCT Faculty Participant 2009-2010 This generous NSF grant placed me in internships with Skanska USA and OPSIS Architecture.  Each of these tremendous opportunities provided me with an opportunity to experience first hand how cutting edge sustainability approaches are being adopted in the building design and construction industries.   The information I took back from these opportunities is making it's way into every corner of my curriculum.

Summer Sustainability Institute – PCC BCT Faculty Participant Summer 2009  BCT Faculty attended this week long conference for high school and college instructors in building industry related fields aimed at increasing awareness of sustainability issues

Graduate, TIP Teacher Improvement Program, PCC Rock Creek – 2008  Collaborative Partnership with Dick Bruno, former Rock Creek Instructor

5th Grade Architecture, Engineering and Construction Workshop – Developed curriculum and delivered instruction to fifth graders in a lecture/workshop format. The purpose was to introduce fifth grade students to the fundamental concepts of the architectural and construction industries.   Developed in collaboration with Learning Leaders, New York, New York, and Public School 34, Brooklyn, New York. 2004 - 2006

Historic Hanoi – Unpublished photographic documentation project on the ancient buildings of central Hanoi, Vietnam.  A collaborative project with Hilary Campbell. 1995-1996



Departmental Scholar, Media Studies, The New School 1999 One of three departmental post-graduate scholarships awarded for independent research.  One year tuition support.

American Institute of Architects Chapter Award 1999 for Design Excellence awarded to the Printemps Department Store, Shanghai, China.  Served as Designer and Project Manager

Finalist: Guowei Square Design Competition 1993 awarded to Team 5, a collaborative with Alec Stuart, Law Siu Wai, Hilary Campbell and Don Dietsche




My Courses...

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  Summer 2017 Course No.   Course Title Section
    BCT 280A CE: Building Construction 30177
    BCT 280A CE: Building Construction 30178
    BCT 280A CE: Building Construction 30858
    BCT 280A CE: Building Construction 34683

  Fall 2017 Course No.   Course Title Section
    BCT 104 Construction Math 40247
    BCT 104 Construction Math 40248
    BCT 100 Overview of Construction 40435
    BCT 150 Mech, Elec and Plumb 41977
    BCT 280A CE: Building Construction 41728
    BCT 280A CE: Building Construction 41729
    BCT 280A CE: Building Construction 42686
    BCT 280A CE: Building Construction 42687

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