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BCT 225  Construction Project Management

This course investigates management functions in the construction industry. Planning, Scheduling, Organization and Communication, Cost Control, Project and Contract Administration are some of the topics discussed in this course.

The instructional approach assumes the General Contractor's point of view to understand the broader context of the construction industry and the specifics of project management procedures and best practices.  The goal is to understand, appreciate and incorporate strong management fundamentals in any application or role within the industry.  Care is taken to review and appreciate the points of view and goals of the other primary players within the industry, including architects, engineers and other design professionals, owners, and the regulatory agencies responsible for enforcing applicable regulations  Through a greater understanding of the goals and responsibilities of others, constructors develop a solid understanding of their own role and their responsibilities.


Construction Management Degree seeking students are advised to enroll in this course during their second year of study.

This course is taught in a seminar type format, relying heavily on in-class comment from students to develop a conversation which illuminates the nuances of the profession, and touches on the topics and areas of interest discussed in the reading assignments.

Case studies of various projects the instructor has been involved in personally are also brought into the classroom from time to time to provide context, and to illustrate the subjects that are brought up in the reading and in discussion.


Topics Discussed in this Course Include:


A Super Short History of Project Management + Who Does What?

Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium, Beijing, China, 2008


Contracts and Agreements, Bidding and Bid Documents


Risk: Bonding and Insurance and Liability

Trojan Demolition, Columbia River, Oregon/Washington


Organization and Running the Job

The Project Manager


Buying out the Job



Documentation and Running the Job + Shop Drawings



Change Orders

Apple Store, 5th Avenue, Manhattan, New York


Dispute Resolution

Quality Assurances and Responsibilities

Lever House, New York, New York


Cost Control and Cash Flow


Closeout and Intangibles


Sustainable Project Management Practices: Not Just the Design


Interoperability Issues and Building Information Modeling


What To Do When Everything Goes Wrong, Because It Will


Textbook for the course:

Project Management in Construction, 5th Edition,  by Sidney M. Levy









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