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BCT 222  Engineering for Constructors

This course presents the fundamentals of structural analysis and design for residential and light commercial construction to students with limited technical training.  We investigate basic contemporary structural systems in wood, masonry, concrete and steel.  Concepts such as the determination of acting forces, bending moment and shear, strengths and properties of materials, loading and dimensional properties are all introduced and considered.  As a comparative analysis tool, various examples of catastrophic structural failure are also  introduced and discussed.

Topics Discussed in this Course Include:


A Super Short History of Structural Engineering

Great Stone Bridge, China, 610 AD


Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium, Beijing, China, 2008


Understanding Forces and Loads

Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Tacoma, Washington, USA, 1940.


Understanding Beams and Columns

Steel Beam, New York City, USA, Mid-1930's


Understanding Arches and Domes

Dome of the Pantheon, Rome, Italy.123 AD. Concrete with Light Weight Aggregate.


Understanding Bridge Design

St. John's Bridge, Portland, Oregon, USA.


Properties of Soil and Foundations

Section Diagram of a Pile Foundation


Properties of Wood Structures

Light Weight Prefabricated Wooden Trusses


Properties of Steel Structures

Structural Steel Tube, World Trade Center, New York City, USA. 1973.



Properties of Reinforced Concrete Structures

TWA Terminal, New York City, Reinforced Concrete Shell Structure.


Precast Concrete Decking Panels


Catastrophic Structural Failure and Lessons Learned

Wooden Frame Buildings, San Francisco Earthquake, 1906.


Properties of Light Weight Shells, Space Frames  and Tensile Structures

Steel Space Frame and Cast in Place Concrete Columns, Beijing Airport, China, 2008.


Walking Tour of Portland Bridges ( Time Permitting)

Steel Bridge, Portland, Oregon, USA.












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