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The following links may be of interest to students interested in a career in Construction Mangagement:

Construction Management Association of America, Webcast Radio:

Associated General Contractors Student Information:

The City of Portland Office of Sustainability:

Ten tips for Homebuilders to help protect native salmon populations

Sustainable/Green Building Resources:,2089,30,html

The REbuilding Center, Portland OR. I Love That Place.

Framing Student Success Program at PCC,html

Ever wonder where manhole covers come from?  Check out this slide show from the New York Times and you'll have a better understanding of where some of our building materials and components come from, and who is making them, under what conditions:

Ever wonder what's going on in China RIGHT NOW.  Check out this slide show from the New York Times on pollution in China.



Did you know that because Density is so crucial to efficient use of resources and energy, New York City is among the 'Greenest' cities in the country.




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