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Tyrene Bada

Records Coordinator

Sylvania Campus, HP 202a

ph (971) 722-8583


Records Retention Resources for PCC Staff:

Oregon Administrative Rule 166-450: Records Retention Schedule for Community Colleges




"Can you help me with my transcript?"

I have been asked by several students about their transcripts.  Unfortunately, as much as I would love to personally help them, I do not handle transcripts.  If you are one of these students, please contact the friendly staff at PCC's Student Records office: (971) 722-71000 /


"I need something notarized.  Can you help me?"

Yes!  I am a Notary Public for the State of Oregon.  And I'm the only notary listed for Sylvania campus as listed on the PCC intranet page.  If you need something notarized, please contact me to schedule an appointment.


About Tyrene's job:

My duties include planning, research, development, implementation, and coordination for an integrated records management program.

I am here to help all of PCC determine how long you should be keeping (or retaining) your personnel files, financial records, contracts, grading papers, building leases or titles...everything and anything that is considered a record.  I am also examining documents and records in off-site storage locations.

My office is located in the PCC Records Center, a.k.a. the former location of the Sylvania Campus Safety Office, a.k.a. the Sylvania campus Heating Plant.  This building houses several shelves of records.


About Tyrene:

Most of Tyrene's professional experience is from working at Portland State University. She was the Scheduling Officer for the Department of Music, and coordinated all rehearsals, private lessons, classes, performances, and other events for the department in the historic Lincoln Hall. After a few years, and looking for a new challenge, Tyrene was promoted to the position of Assistant to the Director of Business Affairs. This position kept her busy; she had a little bit of everything in her job description: Personal Assistant to the Director, coordinating hundreds of contracts, Risk Coordinator, Records Custodian, Athletic Insurance Coordinator, Event Coordinator, Search Committee Secretary - just to name a few duties.

Tyrene spent a few years in California, and was hired at the University of California, San Diego in La Jolla. And while she enjoyed taking the free campus shuttle to the beach during her lunch break, Tyrene began to miss the hectic, frenzied pace of PSU - a place where she felt she could make more of a difference. She moved back to Portland, and was hired back into her previous position, which was re-classed to Executive Assistant.

Tyrene wanted to bring more focus to her career, and was hired as the Records Coordinator at Portland Community College in June 2007. This is a brand new position, and Tyrene has the daunting task of planning, researching, developing, implementing, and coordinating a centralized, integrated records management program for the entire district. She joined ARMA in 2007 because she needed additional resources and wanted to make connections in the Records Management Field. Tyrene was so impressed with the level of professionalism and the friendly atmosphere of the chapter, that she is now volunteering her time as webmistress. She is proud to have earned her bachelor's degree at Portland State University, and will be pursuing a graduate degree in the field of archives and records management.

When she's not thinking about records, Tyrene sings professionally at her church as a cantor and a section leader in the choir. You may have seen her perform on stage in several musical theatre productions around town. Tyrene is also a techno-nerd who prefers to build her own workstations, is an annual passholder to the Disneyland Resort in California, and is surprisingly good at parallel parking.


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