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Greg Kaminski

PCC Instructional Computing Facilitator

Office: Sylvania TCB 116
Tel:  977-4570

picture of Greg

My role as "Instructional Computing Facilitator" is to work with instructors in various disciplines at Sylvania, Rock Creek, Cascade and Southeast campuses, as well as distance learning instructors, to implement instructional technology in ways that can enhance the learning experience.   


Voice Tools Samples

How to use:  After clicking on a link below, you'll be prompted to click on "Run" to use the program.  When prompted for a "screen name", just type in your first name in that field.  Do not type anything in the "login" area.  For more details, please see the detailed guides available at the Voice Tools resource site.

  1. Voice Discussion - Pronunciation practice

  2. Voice Discussion - Sample ESL use

  3. Voice Discussion - Favorite Film

  4. Voice Discussion - Describe your house

  5. Voice Discussion - Best restaurant

  6. Voice Email - Speech 1 Feedback

  7. Send Voice Mail for Assignment #1

  8. Send a Voice Email message


Special Resources


Last modified 09/07/09


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