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Homework for Thursday, April 4th:

1.  Fill out Background Information handout.

2.  Fill out the Needs Assessment handout

3.  Mementos:  Bring your small object and be prepared to briefly 1-1/2 - 2 min.) tell the class about the object.  Look at the handout.


Homework for Tuesday, April 9th:

1.  Diagnostic Pronunciation Profile.  Record on Wimba.  Due Tuesday evening, April 9th  Remember to put in your pcc email address before sending it.

2.  Ch. 1:  "How Did Movies Get Started?"  Read and Study pages 2 - 11.

     Do Activities 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7

     Always read the blue boxes.

You are responsible for the vocabulary on pages 4, 6, and 22


Homework for Thursday, April 11th:

1.  Listen and take notes (on the handout) for the lecture (Part 2) p. 12.  I will collect your notes.

2.  Syllable stress handout.  Fill out.

3.  Read pages 13 - 15.  Do Part 2 on p. 16 (Questions that clarify.)


Homework for Tuesday, April 16th:

1.  Read pages 18 - 20 "Expressing Agreement and Disagreement.  Do Activity 19 & 20.  We'll do activity 21 in class.

2.  Study -s and -ed endings

3.  Read and study the "Sound/Spelling rules handout

4.  Practice with the phonetic alphabet.  Write your first name and 10 other vocabulary words you want to learn how to pronounce and write them in the phonetic alphabet.


Homework for Thursday, April 18th:

1.  Activity 22.  "Evaluate your role".  Write this on a separate sheet of paper.

2.  Activity 23

3.  Activity 24 (Track 6) p. 23.  "The Hollywood Code"  Listen and take notes (to hand in).

4.  Keep reviewing your -ed and -s endings.


Homework for Tuesday, April 23rd:

1.  Vocabulary quiz (Ch. 1 - pages 4, 6, 22) and idioms. Understand the voc. in the context of the material.  There will also be a short list of words that your instructor will pronounce, and you will mark the number of syllables you hear and which one is stressed.

2.  Speaking Assignment:  2 minutes talk "You're the Expert".  Follow the information on the handout.

3.  Study "Stress in Words" Part 1 handout.


Homework for Thursday, April 25th:

1.  Information Speech:  Current Trends

Read the handout. Brainstorm ideas for your first speech.  Carefully and thoughtfully choose a topic.  You should have two choices:  your first choice and a second choice in case someone in the class has a similar topic.  Do not wait until class time to decide what you are interested in researching and presenting to the class.

2.  Ch. 2:  "How'd They Do That?" Read p. 26 - 33.  Do Act. 1, 2, 3, 4 (only in the book)

3.  Read / study the handout "Stress in Words" - Part 2:  Using suffixes to predict stress


Homework for Thursday, May 2nd:

1.  Information speeches.  If you are satisfied with your topic, you should begin to do research.  Remember you will turn in a copy of your article(s) or web site when you give your speech.  Prepare an outline using the outline form I gave you. Write neatly in ink or type your outline.  Outlines will be due on Thursday.  If you change your mind about your topic, please send me an email to let me know what your new topic is.

2.  Ch. 2:  Listen to/do Activites 6, 7, 8, 9.  Read page 37.  Using the same form as in your book listen and take notes to activity 10 (p. 38 - 39).  We'll do Act. 11 & 12 in class.

3.  Study the handout out "Stress in Words."  Mark the stress on each of the words - noun, verb, adj. and adv. (#1 - 39) on the blue Word Forms handout.

4.  Reviw the voc. you missed on Ch. 1 voc. quiz.  Write new sentences using the words you missed.


Homework for Thursday, May 9th:

1.  There will be 10 speeches:  Winnie, Tony Amy, Richard, Abdul, Tommy, Koichiro, Murad, Alfredo, Bader.  I will decide on the order of the presentations.  If you haven't given me your outlines, please leave a copy in my mailbox at least an hour before class, so I can make copies.  If you are making copies, bring 15 copies.  Practice and TIME YOURSELF!  Test out visual aids.  Everyone should be in class ON TIME.

2. Those of you who gave speeches on Tues., please fill out your self-evaluation.

3.  Wimba voice emails are due Thurs.

4.  Keep studying Ch. 2 voc. stress rules and -s and -ed endings. There will be a test on Tues. May 14th


Homework for Tuesday, May 14th:

1.  Quiz:  Ch. 2 voc., stress rules (look at your handout), and endings (-s and -ed)

2.  Ch. 4 "Do We Watch TV for Free?  p. 81 - 88.  Study charts A - D.  Do. Acct. 2 (p. 88)

3.  Read p. 1 - 3 on Speech Rhythm handout.


Homework for Thursday, May 16th:

1. Study the handout:  Speech Rhythm:  Stress and Unstress

2.  "Speak Out"  handout.  Read the 9 situations and make a prediction for each one.  You will role play one of these with a partner on Thursday.

3.  Do. Act. 7 (p. 94-95). in the book


Homework for Tuesday, May 21st:

1.  Activity 10.  On a separate sheet of paper, take notes following the format from these pages (p. 98 - 99). I will collect your notes.

2.  Activity 11 - p. 100

3. Read p. 103

4.  Learn about Commercials" handout.  Watch and/or listen to 3 commercials that you find interesting and fill out the charts.

5.  Continue to review sentence rhythm and focus. (from the handouts)


Homework for Thursday, May 23rd:

1.  Each group will present their commercial.  Be prepared.  Have your props.  You will have the first 15 minutes of class to practice.  BE HERE ON TIME!

2.  Thoughtfully choose 2 topics (1st choice and 2nd choice) for your persuasion speeches.  Make sure you narrow the focus and write a thesis statement for each choice.


Homework for Tuesday, May 28th:

1.  Persuasion Speeches:  You  should have an outline, clearly and neatly written.  This should include a thesis statement and at least 3 main reasons why you support your specific purpose statement.

2.  Ch. 4 voc. quiz

3.  Study the handout on Intonation


Homework for Thursday, May 30th:

1.  Ch. 5:  "Does Violence in the Media Make Us Violent?"

     Do. Act. 5, 7, 8, 9, 10

     Read p, 116, 118, 120


Homework for Tuesday, June 4th:

1.  College Oral Communication:  Ch. 5, Activity 12  Take notes on a separate sheet of paper.  Three are three parts.  We listened to Part 1:  Introduction in class.  Transfer these notes to a separate sheet of paper and continue with parts 2 (critics of media violence) and part 3 (defenders of media).  I will collect your notes.  There will be an activity involved with your notes.

2. Work on your Persuasion Speeches.  There will be 7 speeches on Tuesday.  This is the order of presentations:  Uyen, Amy, Abdul, Ivy, Murad, Tony, Tommy. Those of you who were in class got their outlines back and new copies to neatly rewrite in pen.  Put a revised copy of your outlines in my mailbox NO LATER than 3:00 pm. on Tuesday, so I can make 14 copies of each.  Practice with a tutor.  Time yourself with your visual aids.  Speeches should be 7 - 8 minutes (maximum).  Use note cards.  Remember you are trying to convince the audience to support a certain point of view.  Be courteous to your classmates and BE ON TIME!  Speeches will begin at 3:45 pm.


Homework for Thursday, June 6th:

1.  There will be 8 persuasion speeches on Thursday.  This is the order of presentations:  Amy,  Richard, Alfredo, Winnie, Jun, Bader, Bida, Koichiro.  Please follow the same advice as for Tuesday.

2.  We will talk about what will be on the final on Tuesday, June 11th.


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