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Homework for Wednesday, April 3rd:

1.  Buy the textbook.

2.  Read the Course Description carefully.  Fill out the questions.

3. Read the 2 essays on education.  Be prepared to discuss the ideas in the reading.

4.  Identify 2 - 3 issues that you think are important in education today.


Homework for Monday, April 8th:

1.  Review irregular verb forms.  Make sure you can spell them all. (See pages 297 - 298)

    (There will be a short, graded quiz.)

2.  Carefully read the handout on Discussion Essays.  Choose a topic for the Discussion Essay.

3.  Write an effective hook for your topic.

4.  Top 20: Chapter 1 & 2 p. 1 - 24 (Skip p. 12).  Review count / non-count nouns and articles. Study p. 19 - 20, but don't worry about remembering all the details yet.


Homework for Wednesday, April 10th:

1.  Complete the outline (using the format from the handout) for the Discussion Essay.  You may discuss the topic with a tutor to get more ideas!  (Have your outline ready at the beginning of class.)

2.Top 20: Chapter 3 (pages 27 -38).  Review as needed.

3. Do the excellent article exercises on this website:

Just keep clicking on <next>.   There are 5 pages and each exercise or explanation is very short but useful for everyone in the class.  Look at the sidebar: Grammar for Engineers.  Do these article exercises as time allows.

4.  The following site has some excellent explanations for both Count/non-count nouns and articles.  Please check it out:


Homework for Monday, April 15th:

1.  Read the handout on "The Conclusion" and look at the rest of the thesis statement and conclusions.

2.  Top 20:  Chapters 4 (Verb Tense Review - pages 41 - 56 and 5 (Problems with Verb Tenses - pages 59 - 73).  Review as needed.  Complete Exercise 3 on p. 45 on a separate piece of paper and turn it in at the beginning of class.

3.  Use this link frequently to help build your academic vocabulary:


Check this site before Monday.  I will try to link some example discussion essays on the MyCourses site.


Homework for Wednesday, April 17th:

1. Discussion Essay due:  Please follow format guidelines and carefully check your essay.


Homework for Monday, April 22nd:

1.  Review for a test on Ch. 1, 2, 4 and 5

2.  Complete the Internet Activities from the textbook website for units 1, 2 and 5.  These are very short and won't take more than a few minutes.

3.  Top 20:  Ch. 14 p. 187 - 199.  Complete Ex. 1 - 9 in the book.  Many are short.  Be sure to write complete sentences where required (Ex. 4, 8, 9).

Take this practice test on verb tenses:


Answer key to "Krispy Kreme Doughnuts"

1. started  2. bought, 3. opened  4. had been telling  5. decided  6. sell  7. had cooked  8. sends  9. has grown  10. are  11. will be coming or are coming  12. will be eating  13. began

Answer key to "Practice Test B--Guided Study: Verb Tenses"

1. A  2. A  3. B  4. C  5. C  d6. A  7 B  8. B  9. C  10. B  11. D  12. A  13. A  14. A  15. D.  16. D  17. C  18. B  19. A  20. D


Homework for Wednesday, April 24th:

1.  Top 20:  pages 200 - 203. Read and review as needed. Write the paragraph explained on p. 203 using adjective clauses.  Type if possible or write neatly on lined paper.  After you have exchanged your paragraph with a partner in class on Wed., you will hand it in.

2.  Decide on a topic for the Comparison/Contrast Essay.  Read through the handout.  Brainstorm ideas from the first page:  "The topic" and please give you choice of topic careful thought.  Complete the Venn Diagram on your topic.

3.  Use this website for more practice with adjective clauses.


Homework for Monday, April 29th:

1. Adjective Clauses:  Sentence Combining Exercise.  Follow the directions on the handout.

2. Chapter 11 Passives Read/study p. 143 - 159. Do Check your Grammar (p. 143)  Ex. 2, 3, 4* , 5, 6 and 8 - 12.

 (*Extremely Useful)

3.  Review Ch. 6 Subject-Verb Agreement as needed (p. 75 - 84.)

4.  Make sure you have a topic you are interested in for your comparison/contrast essay and put a Venn Diagram in my mailbox if you haven't already turned one in.

5.  Enjoy the sun!


Homework for Monday, May 6th:

1. Discussion Essay rewrite is due.  Please turn in the original (on the bottom) with the rewrite on top.

2.  In-class Writing #1. Review grammar issues that are not clear to you.  Review that parts of an essay.  I will give you 4 - 5 topic choices.  This will be an discussion essay.  You may bring paper dictionaries or electronic ones but NO cell phones or internet use.

3.  Keep reviewing adj. clauses, passive voice, and subject-verb agreement (previously assigned chapers)

4.  Work on comparison/contrast outlines.  These will be due on Wed. May 8th.

5.  Read the explanation and do the exercise on comparatives on this website:  This is a very good explanation of comparative forms which you can also use as a reference when you are writing.  The exercises are short but very useful. (It's important to use these forms correctly in your essay.)

6.  Here is a site for punctuation rules:


Homework for Wednesday, May 8th:

1.  Comparison / Contrast Outlines due.  Please write in complete sentences.  You will exchange outlines with your classmates and do a peer evaluation.

2.  View the most common errors and read the explanation for most/most of/almost on this site:  Then do these exercises:

3.  Expand your world knowledge and your knowledge of the passive with these exercises:

There will be a test on chapter 11 (passive) and 14 (adj. clauses) on Monday, May13th.


Homework for Monday, May 13th:

1.  Test on Chapers 11 (passive) and 14 (adjective clauses).  For more practice with -ed and -ing adjective, click on the following links:

(I hope these are still working!)

Here is the answer key to Ex. 10 (p. 156): 2.C, 3.C, 4.amusing, 5.repeated, 6.C, 7. C, 8. satisfiying, 9.overwhelmed, 10. disappointed, 11.C, 12. rejected, 13.C.

Ex. 11 (p. 157) 1. A are calculated; 2. C administered; 3. C appears; 4. B provided

Chapter quiz (p. 158 - 159): 1. D, 2. B, 3. C, 4. C, 5. A, 6, A, 7.D, 8.D

Adj. Clause Chaper Quiz (p. 202):  1.C, 2.B, 3.B, 4.C, 5.C, 6.A, 7.D, 8.B

2.  Study the examples and construcions for your comparison/contrast essay.  Remember there are 3 more on the MyClasses link/file.  Your neatly typed essays will be due on Wed., May 15th.

3.  Conferences will be in CT 219, Desk #10 (or the table right next to it.).  Thurs, May 9th: Leo at 2pm, Dutsanee at 2:15pm and Youssef at 2:30pm.  On Friday, Abdullah at 11 am and Areum at 11:15 am.  On Monday, May 13th, Gil at 12:00, Jun at 12:15, and Perfecto at 12:30.  Yang will be at 3:30, Mawrid at 3:45, Tareq at 4:00, Jungah at 4:15 and Hayato at 4:30.  I'll remind the rest on Monday.  Remember to bring your "Log Errors" from your discussion essay with you.

Keep checking this site, your email, or my classes for other postings.


Homework for Wed., May 15th:

1.  Your comparison/contrast essays are due.  This should be your best efforts, neatly typed and printed out.

2.  Ch. 15: "Adverb Clauses and Reductions".Read and complete p. 205 -216.


Homework for Monday, May 20th:

1.  Top Twenty: Ch. 12 (Conditionals): Read and complete p. 161 - 166. Complete Ex. 1-5.

2.  Choose a topic for the Cause/Effect Essay.  See the handout.

3.  Keep studying Adv. Clauses.  On a separate sheet of paper to hand in, complete the following sentences:

Direct contrast with while.

1. Florida has a warm climate, while Alaska

2. While Jose is a good student, his brother

3. My oldest son is shy, while my youngest son

Now that

1. Now that the term is over,

2. Now that I know how to ski better,

3. I hope we can get together now that


1. Since my check didn't arrive on time

2. We'll postpone our vacation since

3. Since I didn't have your address

Even if

1. I plan to go to the beach this weekend even if

2. I'm not going to                                    even if

3. Please don't wake my up even if


1. You can't get your driver's license unless

2. After age forty, most people gain weight unless

3. Unless I get a raise

4. Tomorrow we're going to                           unless

Only if (Caution: word order changes)

1. Only if you have an invitation to the party

2. You will remain on the team only if

3. Only if I study

4. I wake up early only if


Homework for Wednesday, May 22nd:

1.  Complete an outline for the Cause/Effect Essay.  You may use the form I handed out. Bring these to class on Wednesday for a peer review.  A carefully written draft will be due on Wednesday, May 29th.

2. Ch. 12 (Conditional): p. Read and complete 166 - 171. do. ex. 6, 7, 8, & 10.

3. Watch and follow directions on this powerpoint on mixed conditional after you have complete the work in the book:

If you want /need more practice with conditional forms. there are lots of exercises on this site:

(Note:  There will be a quiz on Chapter 12 (Conditionals) and 15 (Adverb Clauses) next Wed. May 29th


Homework for Wednesday, May 29th:

1.  PCC is closed on Monday for the Memorial Day Holiday

2.  A carefully and neatly typed Cause/Effect Essays will be due.

3.  Quiz on Ch. 12 (Conditionals) and 15 (Adverb Clauses)

4.  Read / review Ch. 13: Word Order and Word Combinations (lots of prepositions!)

This link gives more useful information about prepositions.  Use it as an on-line reference:

I will post some examples of Cause/Effect essays.


Homework for Monday, June 3rd:

1.  Rewrite Comparison/Contrast Essays.  Put the revised draft on top of the older version.

2.  Top Twenty: Chapter 16:  Noun Clauses (p.219 - 231)  Read the explanations and do ex. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

3.  If needed, review Gerunds and Infinitive (CH. 10 ) Look at 10.1, 10.2, 10.2.1, 10.3, 10.3.1,  10.3.2, 10.4


Homework for Wednesday, June 5th:

1.  Ex. 44: Check your knowledge.  Correct the errors on the handout.

2.  Study Quoted Speech and Reported Speech

3.  Ch. 20:  "Editing It All Together"  p. 283 - 288. Do editing ex. 1 - 10.


Final Exam Study Guide, Monday June 10th, 1- 3 pm:

The final exam will include the final in-class essay and a short grammar test.

The final grammar test will include assessment of the following grammar points:

1.  active / pass

2. adjective clauses

3.  adverb clauses

4.  noun clauses; reported and quoted speech

5.  articles

6.  conditional

The format will be:  1. Complete the sentence. 2. Fill in the blank. 3. Find the mistakes.

The grammar test will be given first.  When you are finished (you should not spend more than 45 minutes on this portion), you will hand it in and get the topics and lined paper for your in-class essay.  You may use a dictionary for this portion only.  The topics will be geared to the types of essays we have been working on this term:  discussion, comparison/contrast, and cause and effect.  Make sure you are familiar with what makes a good essay.

How to study:  Use any materials and websites already provided.

Be on time.  You have from 1 - 3 (NO BREAKS) to complete both parts.

Here are the answers to some of the editing exercises from Ch. 20:

Ex. 12 (p. 289):1. was distributed, 2.not satisfied, 3. to be doubled, 4. overcrowding, 5. will be treated

EX. 13 (p. 289): that is given, 2. leads to, 3. to be distracted, 4. Students rarely, 5. are given more

Ex. 14: (p. 290): 1. in, 2. to, 3. on. 4. with

Ex. 16: (p. 291): Young adults, who   2. person attempting   3. choice that truly   4. career that interested

Ex. 17 (p. 291): 1. social work because    2. Growing up,   3. when they had problems   4. While I was in high school   5. correct  6. correct  7. Despite the difficulty of the work,

Ex. 18. (p. 292):  1. research that I did   2. so much help   3.  bad drug addiction   4. that I help   5. interesting stories   6.  say that I was

Ex. 19. ( p. 293): 1. visits to   2.  those hospitals   3. was exposed to   4.  and neglected   5. was a pleasure   6.  these hours  7. most of them were

Ex. 20. (P. 293):  1. that has the potential  2. enthusiasm and determination  3. continue learning   4. The salary, which is low compared to many other careers in public health    5.  accomplishment of helping   6. If I had not become

Cause/effect essay rewrites (for those of you who are rewriting your cause/effect essays)




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