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Links for ESOL Practice

New: ELC Study Zone (U.Vic.) - Grammar, reading, and vocabulary

New: Grammar Quizzes - Grammar quizzes on many topics.

Featured: Live Mocha

  • Live Mocha - You need to make your own account for this website.
  • Live Mocha - If you have a library card from the Multnomah County Library, you can use their account.  Click on the link for Live Mocha.  Then be ready to enter your library card information.

Sites are listed alphabetically.

A4ESL - Grammar and vocabulary

Adele's ESL Corner - Great place to practice grammar!

Adult Learning Activities - Reading and listening

BBC English - Intermediate to advanced practice for listening, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

BBC Grammar Challenge - Intermediate to advanced practice.

Breaking News English Lessons - Reading and listening practice.  Intermediate and higher.

Easy English Conversations - YouTube videos focusing on vocabulary and conversation.

Eclectic English - Grammar and vocabulary

EFL Club - Songs, games, stories, and movie trailers

ELLLO - Listening Lab - Listening and reading

English Central - Learn English while watching videos.  Easy, medium, and hard levels.

English Grammar Online (EGO 4U) - Grammar and writing

English in Vancouver - Lessons and practice for beginning to intermediate students.

English Trailers - Use movie advertisements to practice English

English with Jennifer (a different Jennifer, NOT me!) - Vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation

engVid - Free English video lessons.

ESL Blues - Grammar and vocabulary quizzes

ESLoop (by Lauri Fried-Lee)- Reading, listening, and grammar practice for beginning to intermediate students.

ESOL Help - A picture dictionary, vocabulary games, grammar games, spelling games for beginning to intermediate students.

The Futures Channel Movies - Listening practice

Grammar Links (Sylvania ESOL) - Grammar

Holidays - Short videos about American holidays

Learn American English (YouTube) - Videos with grammar, pronunciation, and other information.

Learning Chocolate - Online picture dictionary for learning and practicing new words

Make Beliefs Comix - Make your own comic and practice writing.

Many Things - Vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, etc.

Minute Book Reports (YouTube) - Short reports about well-known books.

New English File (OUP) - Beginning to intermediate practice for pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and reading

Pronunciation Practice (Okanagan) - Pronunciation

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab - Listening and reading

Simple English News - Read and listen to news stories written in easy English.

TV411 - For adults who want to improve their reading, writing, and vocabulary

USA Learns - Beginning to intermediate practice for everyday English

VOA - News stories in easy English and English learning activities


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