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Comm. 4 - Listening - Summer 14

Links for Computer HW

Wk 1

Connect with English

Where are you from? Tell me about yourself Jennifer ESL - ES Endings  
Wk 2 Connect with English Jupiter Grades Daily Schedule Mixer #108 - Great Student  
Wk 3

Connect with English

Chinese HSBC Ad Wrong Flower HSBC Ad How to Greet Americans  
Wk 4

Connect with English

Apartments for Rent Great Apartment Living Mixer #102 - Dream House  
Wk 5

Connect with English

Mixer #2 - Bad Jobs Mixer #11 - First Job    
Wk 6

Connect with English

Mixer #5 - City vs. Country Large Numbers (listening) Travel & Numbers Large Numbers #1
Wk 7

Connect with English

Lesson 1: 13-30 Shopping & Prices LG12 Directions Where's the Movie Theater
Wk 8

Connect with English

Can/Can't - Pt. 1 Can/Can't - Pt. 2 Mixer #62 - Plans Mixer #116 - Plans

On-Line Dictionary

    Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary - You can use this website to check the pronunciation of a word.


     Connect with English

     USA Learns


     Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab



    The Sounds of American English (University of Iowa) - How to pronounce all the sounds of American English

     Jennifer ESL - Use this site to learn about pronunciation.

     Rachel's English - Use this site to learn about pronunciation


     Numbers 1-20 (YouTube)

     Large Numbers (YouTube)

     Number Practice (Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab)

     Shopping and Prices (Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab)

     Travel and Numbers (Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab)

     Large Numbers #1 (ESL Blues)

     Large Numbers #2 (ESL Blues)

    Number Practice (

    English Listening Quizzes - Numbers #1 (

Television Ads

     Chinese HSBC Ad - A British banker confronts Chinese customs.

     Wrong Flower HSBC Ad - An American tourist doesn't know Italian customs.

     Parking HSBC Ad - German people and French people have different ideas about parking.

     O.K. HSBC Ad - What is o.k. in some parts of South America is not o.k. in Brazil.

Interactions 1 Listening/Speaking - 5th Edition

    Student audio

Interactions 1 Listening/Speaking - 4th Edition

    Student audio



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