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Tools for Teachers


Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA)

Compleat Lexical Tutor - Various vocabulary and corpus tools for teachers and advanced learners

Vocabulary Level Test (Nation 2007) - Test of receptive vocabulary knowledge based on word frequency

Word Champ - Create custom word lists or use other people's lists

Word Learner - Vocabulary practice for all levels

Vocabulary Resources - Links to vocabulary resources compiled by The Internet TESL Journal

Tim Johns' Data Driven Learning - Links and samples for concordance-based teaching.


Azar Grammar - Teaching materials and discussion of grammar instruction

New English File (OUP) - Beginning to intermediate practice for pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and reading



Game Makers

Crossword Puzzle Makers

Jeopardy (

Tools for Educators - various game generators, including crosswords, word searches, bingo, and board games; includes a bank of images to use for picture clues for common vocabulary sets

Voice Tools

Wimba Workshop - Link to the Wiki created for the Spring 2010 workshop presented by John Sparks and Jennifer Snyder.  Wiki pages include sample activities for all levels in the PCC ESOL program and suggestions from workshop participants.

Critical Thinking

Bloom's Taxonomy - Verbs for learning objectives


Learn with Text - Application for developing reading practice.

Oxford Bookworms (Oxford University Press) - Information about Oxford Bookworms series and extensive reading.

Read Write Think

  Postcard Generator Venn Diagrams (2 circles)
  Comic Creator Venn Diagrams (3 circles)
  Diamante Poem Creator Compare/Contrast Map
  Acrostic Poem Creator Timeline Tool
  Concept Mapping Tool  


Online Literacy Activities

Literacy Center Education Network

Alphabet Matching (Netrover)


Clipart for Language Teaching - The University of Victoria's Language Teaching Clipart Library

Classroom Clipart

Resource Lists

PCC ESOL Links - Created by Elizabeth Cole and John Sparks

Internet TESL Journal - Resources for teachers and activities for students

Vance Stevens


Wandering the World (Cohee)

Best Webquests - Webquests from various subject areas and age levels





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