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Vocabulary Practice and Tests

Online Picture Dictionary

Learning Chocolate -Learn and practice new vocabulary words.

Vocabulary Tests

Vocabulary Level Test (Nation 2007) - This test shows how many English words you understand.

Student Work

SE Center Level 3 Vocabulary Video Contest

General Service List (GSL)


Academic Word List (AWL)

Vocabulary Exercises for the AWL

Dictator - Spelling test from the AWL (5 words)

Vocabulary Lists and Exercises

Vocabulary (Rong-Chang) - Vocabulary lists and practice for all levels

Vocabulary, Idioms, and Phrases (Santa Monica College) - Many links and resources for learning vocabulary.



Online Vocabulary Learning Programs

Word Champ - Make your own word lists or use other people's lists.  You must sign in to use this program.

Word Learner - Vocabulary practice for all levels.  You must sign in to use this program.


Word Games (East of the Web)

Compleat Lexical Tutor - Teachers and Advanced Learners

Compleat Lexical Tutor - various vocabulary and corpus tools for teachers and advanced learners

Confusing Words

Lend (to) / borrow (from) 1. Quiz (a4esl)  3. Quiz (a4esl) 5. Quiz (English Hilfen)
  2. Quiz (English Zone) 4. Quiz (Using English)  


Body idioms: 1. Body idioms 2. Body idioms 3. Body idioms
Health idioms: 1. Health idioms 2. Health idioms  
Love idioms: 1. Love idioms 2. Heart idioms  
Number Idioms 1. Number idioms    
Sports idioms: 1. Sports idioms 2. Sports idioms  
Time idioms: 1. Time idioms 2. Time idioms puzzle  


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